Why I Created Movemints, the Mint that Fits

For decades, there has only ever been one commercially available option for clear aligner patients to use to help seat their trays and perform the chewing exercises necessary to stay comfortable and keep treatment predictable. Chewie foam…brilliant. So many of my colleagues grew tired of giving their patients chewie foam and resorted to MacGyver tactics including, but not limited to, ends of disposable toothbrushes, surgical suction tips, and other repurposed dental supplies.

This was unacceptable to me and never understood or appreciated by my patients.  I felt that I had to do something to up the ante.  With clear aligner treatment an already enormous and rapidly growing market, there was an opportunity to innovate something that would help a tremendous amount of people. And so it began, the Movemints Story.

In a lab, hidden somewhere in the hills of East Pittsburgh, I took to the grinding wheel determined to reshape a Chewie. Why am I still gagging on this foam rubber, I thought to myself, even though it is now ninja-shaped, like something out of a James Bond movie. My brain was telling me something. Humans don’t typically gag on things that the brain identifies as edible… Why not create something edible that you could enjoy while you were seating your trays? I sculpted anything I could find, which consisted mainly of my kids’ playdough, but also delved into jolly ranchers, and other common items from the checkout section of the grocery store.

One of the least appealing aspects of using a Chewie is holding on to the other end of it while you’re using it.  This cannot be concealed, which is a primary objective of many clear aligner wearers. In order for the innovation to be hands-free, it had to fit in between your teeth. There’s more to it though, the ninja-star-like design easily went too far in different directions that made it tough to flip and spin around without thinking about it. Had to keep it simple. Had to keep it clean and concealable, without losing it’s ninja-ness.

And that's what ultimately led me to design a mint to fit my patient's clear aligners. Movemints are the one and only Mint that Fits, the one and only edible item that will help keep your trays tight and your treatment on track. In a world of high-technology, Movemints are simple, the perfect daily addition to your clear aligner treatment. 

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