Invisalign Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Invisalign Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Did you just start your smile journey with Invisalign? If so, congratulations! This long, but rewarding, treatment will lead you to the smile of your dreams. But in order to attain favorable results and enjoy a relatively painless process, you need to follow Invisalign-wearing best practices and also take care of your Invisalign trays on a regular basis. Check out our full guide of Invisalign tips and tricks now! 

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9 Invisalign Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Check out this full guide to taking care of your oral hygiene and Invisalign trays during treatment

smiling womanStart your journey toward a dazzling smile on the right foot!

In order to get the most out of your Invisalign, you need to remember to keep up with these best practices:

  1. Soak your trays on a regular basis
  2. Freshen up your breath with mints
  3. Change your trays on-time
  4. Try attachments
  5. Remember to rinse your trays whenever you remove them
  6. Remove your trays before eating
  7. Don’t leave your trays out in the open
  8. Remember to floss every day
  9. Keep wearing your retainer

As you continue to follow these Invisalign tips and tricks on a regular basis, you’ll find they’ll quickly become a regular part of your routine! 

1. Soak Your Trays on a Regular Basis

To keep your trays clean and scent-free, you should soak them in a cleaning solution at least once a day. Most people use Invisalign cleaning crystals. However, you can also create a part vinegar, part water solution for yourself. Whatever you use, make sure you soak your aligners in it for at least 15-20 minutes a day. After they are finished soaking, you can give them a quick brush and rinse over before placing them back into your mouth. 

2. Keep Your Breath Fresh with Movemints™

smiling woman holding invisalign tray and movemintIf you want to freshen up your breath, try a Movemint™. 

Some Invisalign wearers feel their breath grows stale or their mouth dries out whenever they have their aligners in. If you’re one of these people, try popping a Movemint in your mouth! Movemints are edible, sugar-free mints designed for people who wear Invisalign. Made with xylitol, Movemints also help improve your oral health! 

To enjoy a Movemint, just place one between your teeth while wearing your aligners. You can guide the mint into place using its special grooves. Once it’s fit inside your mouth, you can start chewing on your edible mint to help seat your trays for maximum tooth movement!   

3. Remember to Change Your Trays On-time

In order to stay on track with your treatment, you need to remember to change your trays on-time. Most sets will need to be worn for about two weeks at a time. While you shouldn’t wear one set for too long, you also shouldn’t switch onto a new set too early. Some people consider doing this in order to speed up their treatment. However, switching too early can actually end up impeding the process because it can cause the trays to break. 

4. Try Using Attachments

For more severe cases, an orthodontist or dentist might recommend Invisalign attachments. These attachments are typically small and tooth-colored, making it easier for them to remain unseen. Like regular Invisalign trays, you can remove attachments before eating or brushing your teeth. 

5. Rinse Your Trays Every Time You Remove Them

You should try to build a habit where you rinse your trays everytime you remove them. This will help prevent plaque from building up on them. If you wish, you can also use some anti-bacterial soap and a toothbrush to give them a quick clean during the day. In addition to rinsing your trays, make sure you lightly brush or rinse your mouth before putting them back in. 

6. Remove Your Trays Before Eating and Drinking

You should never eat or drink with your Invisalign trays in. This can cause food particles to get stuck in the trays and build-up. Thankfully, once you do remove your trays, you can treat yourself to almost any food you like. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign trays do not limit your diet. 

7. Avoid Leaving Your Trays Out in the Open

Whenever you aren’t using your trays, make sure you are storing them inside a dry container. If they are left in the open air, they are vulnerable to bacteria build-up. Plus, you are more prone to losing your trays if you don’t keep them inside a secure case. 

8. Don’t Forget to Floss

happy couple flossing their teethRemember to floss at least once a day! 

Flossing is a simple, but crucial, part of your day. Most people floss once a day around the evening. This lets you eliminate any food particles that got trapped in your teeth during the day. 

9. Keep Wearing Your Retainer After Treatment Ends

Even after treatment ends, you will have to wear a retainer for as long as you want your results to last. Wearing the retainer sounds like a hassle, but you’ll typically only wear it overnight and it allows you to keep your gorgeous new smile for years! Talk to your orthodontist or provider to see how long you should wear your retainer once your Invisalign treatment is over. 

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