Why Your Perfect Smile May Be Farther Away Than You Think

So you’ve just finished brunch on the town with friends. While others in your party are finishing their coffee and french toast, you’re planning your getaway. No, not to avoid the check, but to sneak into the bathroom and replace your clear aligners.

A small price to pay for a brand new smile, but did you know that re-inserting your aligners without seating them properly can set your treatment back months?

That’s because your aligners work by creating orthodontic tooth movement; the tighter your trays, the more your teeth move into place. Not only do loose fitting trays fail to move teeth effectively, they cause costly incisal gaps resulting in more trips to your orthodontist and delaying the gratification of your new smile.

Buy Movemints clear aligner mints for your Invisalign treatment

In my practice, we educate our patients on the benefits of chewing exercises for proper aligner seating. The most commonly used (and despised) tool to help patients tighten their trays is a product called the “chewie”. A lot of my patients report that Chewies make them gag, they don’t like holding them in their mouth, or they simply are grossed out by their re-usability.

Chewies (or other hard objects like a ballpoint pen) may do the trick, but gnawing on styrofoam or other questionably sanitary objects isn’t an image that many people want to project. Especially when you’re out in public, or during flu season while germs are at their most transmutable.

Movemints, The Mint That Fits Clear Aligners

That’s why I created Movemints, the Mint that Fits!™ Our mints are a great-tasting, simple to use alternative to chewie foam that I designed with patented grooves to fit right between the trays.

When our manufacturer delivered our first sample run, I was blown away by how perfectly they fit, and so were my patients! I immediately set out to build a team that would take my vision of the perfect mint to a reality sold to Invisalign patients all over the world.

A woman demonstrating how Movemints clear aligner mints fit between your top and bottom teeth

After several rounds of testing, we’re proud to offer Movemints™ to anyone who wants a fresher, more comfortable treatment experience. Treat yourself to a fresher smile journey with the Mint that Fits!

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