How to Eliminate Bad Breath & Dry Mouth

“Hey Doc, I think I’ll go with clear aligners because I really miss that stale retainer smell!” Said no patient ever…

As a husband, father, former clear aligner patient, and caring clinician I’ve learned a bit over the years and have some interesting perspective on people’s breath. Here are a few things in particular:

One, my wife thinks our 4 year old’s morning breath is adorable, but mine is exactly the opposite. Two, after putting my aligners back in it only took like 4 minutes to feel self-conscious about my breath. And three, dogs LOVE your retainers because… well, dogs just like to chew things up. Especially things that have an, um...distinctive smell. It’s science.

Hey teeth! It’s bath time! This is what your saliva says to your pearly whites all day long. Your saliva is obsessive about cleaning, and the answers to keeping our breath fresh and teeth safe during clear aligner treatment lies within. When we cover our teeth with clear aligners, we hinder our own body’s self cleansing mechanism. This is why it is so important to give your mouth and teeth the pampering they deserve while wearing your clear aligners!

While we sleep our bodies naturally conserve energy and automatically reduce the flow of saliva (stale morning breath!), but did you know that simple aging or taking certain medications can greatly impact salivary flow as well? Make sure your provider knows what medications you are taking so that they can make the appropriate recommendations if xerostomia, or dry mouth, is a side effect.

For as long as I’ve been helping clear aligner patients, a major complaint has always been dry mouth & bad breath. I didn’t see a great solution out there, so I invented one myself: Movemints are the zero sugar Mint that Fits your clear aligners. They are 100% sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute that stimulates salivary flow and is known to be beneficial and protective for your teeth. 

So if you're a clear aligner patient and don't want to miss life's important moments during your smile journey due to worries about your breath, try a sample of Movemints today!