Movemints Weekly Pack

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Are you looking for an alternative to tasteless chewie foam? Try Movemints, the Mint that Fits™ your clear aligners! Try a one week pack of our newest formula in a convenient zip bag and stay fresh throughout your treatment.

Movemints™ are sugar-free, safe for your teeth, and conveniently shaped for invisible braces. If you're straightening your teeth with orthodontic teeth aligners, you have to give the Mint that Fits™ a try!

The Smile Sample Pack is one 20 count bag to freshen your breath and fight dry mouth wherever the smile journey takes you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Movemints have only five ingredients - it's the purest mint around.
  • Because they're sugar free, you can eat them with your clear aligners
  • Sweetened with therapeutic Xylitol, Movemints fight dry mouth, freshen breath, and promote oral health
  • Cool, long lasting spearmint flavor has a satin finish for the ultimate mouth feel
  • Xylitol isn't pet friendly, so keep them away from dogs!

Recommended Use: Place a Movemint between your top and bottom trays. Apply gentle pressure wherever your aligners feel loose, helping them track better along your teeth. We recommend focusing on the front teeth, or what is known as the "social-six", which is where you'll find Movemints™ fit the best!

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