AACA Vegas Giveaway: Details, Terms & Conditions

Win Movemints For Life (And Yeti Cooler)

You read that right...make a purchase to bring Movemints into your clear aligner practice and we'll enter you into our grand prize giveaway (details below). 

The winning practice will be determined by a raffle. Purchase a 1 month package and get 1 entry. Purchase a 6 month package and get 10 entries

In addition to Movemints for Life, you'll also take home this awesome Yeti Backpack Cooler, two Yeti tumblers, and enough Movemints to share with your friends, family and patients until your first free shipment arrives!

And Now the Fine Print

Movemints for life means one monthly package (20 individual bags of Movemints) per month, for as long as your dental practice continues to provide clear aligner treatment.

Giveaway is only eligible for dental practices that are members of the American Academy of Clear Aligners. If a practice terminates its membership in AACA, it terminates its lifetime supply of Movemints. 

The lifetime supply is non-transferrable.

Tag Us & Win A Yeti Tumbler

Who couldn't use a fresh new Yeti Tumbler? Coffee in the morning, cold drinks in the afternoon...and we're giving 25 away every day of the conference to the first 25 practices that share on social media.

All you have to do is take a picture at our Booth #20 (along the hallway beside the main Breakout Sessions, close to the Meals Room), share it on your preferred social media profile, tag Movemints and include the following hashtags:

#invisalign, #mintthatfits, #aaca

If you're one of the first 25 to visit our booth and post, you'll walk away with your free Yeti!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/movemints/ 

Instagram (@dentalmovemints): https://www.instagram.com/dentalmovemints/

Twitter (@movemints): https://twitter.com/movemints

Ongoing Social Media Giveaway

The giveaways don't stop after Vegas...you have the opportunity to win free Movemints every month simply by tagging us on social media in images showing how your practice incorporates Movemints!