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Dry Mouth Mints

A therapeutic dose of xylitol in each mint provides powerful dry mouth relief, in a patented shape that makes it fun to freshen breath.


Practice Safe Breath

Dry mouth affects nearly everyone and is worse for clear aligner patients. Our mints are safe to eat while wearing aligners, and have beneficial properties for healthy oral hygiene.

Movemints® Dry Mouth Mints | Freshen Bad Breath with Xylitol Mints

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The Purest Mint in Town

Wearing Invisalign Doesn't Have To Stink.

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The dry mouth wonder drug

What is Xylitol?

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But Wait, There's More!

Movemints also help you stay on track with your clear aligner treatment. Learn how we can help you enjoy Delicious Progress throughout your journey.

Invisalign Tracking

How Do Your Aligners Feel?

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Why Movemints?

Hands Free & Delicious

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The Movemints Difference

Multiple Benefits. Fun Shape. Fresh Breath.

Freshen Breath

With a therapeutic dose of xylitol, Movemints are the first edible accessory to keep patients fresh while on-the-go.

Increase Comfort

A patented groove helps patients seat their aligners, resulting in better fit and more effective treatment.

Encourage Compliance

Movemints keep aligners on teeth by helping patients overcome the traditional challenges of clear aligner therapy.


I am so glad I found these for my aligner journey. They are perfect and really help with dry mouth! I'll be ordering more.


Wearing aligners can dry out your mouth, these help that issue plus give you some confidence of a cleaner smelling mouth!


The search for the perfect mint is over. I can use it with my aligners, it tastes great and freshens my breath along the way!


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