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Mystery Gift

Mystery Gift

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Movemints Clear Aligner Mints fight bad breath, freshen dry mouth, and fit comfortably between your invisible braces. Try a free sample pack of our "daily dose" samples and learn why Movemints are the best aligner accessory on the market.

Your free sample package (limit one per customer) will arrive within 5-7 days. In the  meantime, please opt in to our marketing emails for helpful tips and tricks for your clear aligner treatment journey. You can also win free Movemints and other prizes by following our social media for contests and giveaways:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: @dentalmovemints
  • TikTok: @dentalmovemints
  • Pinterest: @dentalmovemints
  • Twitter: @movemints 

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How to Use Movemints

Place a mint between your teeth with aligners in, and use gentle pressure to guide it into place using the grooves. Wearing your aligners with confidence can help you stay on track during your Smile Journey!

Looking for an edible accessory that's safe for your teeth and conveniently shaped for your invisible braces? Try the Mint that Fits!

Product Details

Movemints are the purest mint for clear aligners!


  • Movemints have only five ingredients - it's the purest mint around
  • Because they're sugar free, you can eat them with your clear aligners
  • Sweetened with therapeutic Xylitol, Movemints fight dry mouth, freshen breath, and promote oral health
  • Cool, long lasting spearmint flavor has a satin finish for the ultimate mouth feel
  • Xylitol isn't pet friendly, so keep them away from dogs!
  • Read our FAQs here!



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