Free Refill of Movemints Sample Packs
Movemints are an edible alternative to chewie foam that will delight your invisalign clear aligner patients
Buy Movemints samples for your clear aligner and invisalign patients

Free Refill of Movemints Sample Packs

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Ready for a refill? We've got you covered! Free refills come in quantities of 90, 210, or 400 samples at a time. Use the drop down to select the option that works best for your practice.

Why Movemints?

Movemints™ clear aligner mints are sugar free and sweetened with xylitol to help eliminate bad breath and dry mouth that will occur during treatment. They were created by an orthodontist specifically to help his patients comfortably seat their clear aligners.

The patented shape of Movemints fits in between the top and bottom trays, and is hard to withstand the chewing exercises that many specialists recommend during treatment. 

Convenient packaging makes these daily doses a perfect giveaway to reward your patients and keep them coming back for more! 

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