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Movemints Provider Trade Show Package

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Movemints are sugar-free mints, with a purpose. Movemints’ patented shape helps clear aligner patients better-seat their trays and practice chewing exercises to combat pain and discomfort. Thanks to a therapeutic dose of xylitol, Movemints are also the perfect addition to treatment for anyone who has dry mouth or bad breath.

Sugar-Free. Gluten-Free. Non-GMO. Perfect for everyone!

Movemints are specially formulated to be hard for long-lasting enjoyment, with no sticky residue left on your teeth or aligners. They’re the only thing you CAN and SHOULD eat without removing your trays! Delicious Progress™ awaits!

Our Trade Show Package includes four 20-count resealable bags and fifty 3-count sample tearaway bags to help you introduce Movemints to your practice and your patients.

Fresh Breath

Movemints are an edible alternative to foam chewies with a minty taste that freshens breath.

Better Hydration

Sweetened with a therapeutic dose of xylitol, they fight dry mouth and provide a nice break from only water.

More Comfort

A patented groove helps patients seat their aligners, resulting in better fit and more effective treatment.