Six Must-Have Accessories for Clear Aligner Patients

When it comes to clear aligner and invisible braces therapy, the key to effective, comfortable treatment is obviously the accessories! There are so many great products available to help you maintain a healthy, positive routine on your smile journey, but here are our six "must have" accessories.

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Uncle Harry's Remineralization Liquid for Tooth Enamel - $19.99

Uncle Harry’s line of natural products are popular amongst the “clean living” set. This particular product helps protect tooth enamel, strengthen teeth, and neutralize the acids and bacteria that cause bad breath (a common affliction for clear aligner patients).

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OrthoKey Aligner Removal Tool - $3.99

Unless you’ve worn those plastic trays before, you can’t possibly comprehend how awkward and difficult they can be to remove, especially in those first few days of a new set. This little workhorse features an ergonomic, compact design that fits in your retainer case for convenient storage. 

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SmartGuard Premium Cleaner and Cleaning Case - $15.99

Patients have to wear their trays for 22 hours a day, everyday. So they get a little, shall we say, dingy? Give yourself or someone you love the gift of fresh clear aligners with 110 cleanings from SmartGuard and they’ll throw in a free case!

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QUIST Orthodontic Retainer Case - $6.79

Take a break from boring retainer cases with the unique designs of QUIST orthodontic retainer cases. These super cute, hard plastic cases are way more attractive than the plain ones you get from your dentist or orthodontist. Stand out with 12 different colors to choose from!

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EverSmile WhiteFoam Invisalign Cleaner - 60 Day Supply for $42.74

This foaming fluid is a must have for clear aligner patients that want to give their trays a deep cleaning. This scrubbing, bubbly formula works like a charm! Just apply a dab or two of this magical foam to your trays and wake up to crystal clear plastic. It whitens too!

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Movemints Clear Aligner Mints - $15.95

When you’re on the go, no patient has time to sit in the bathroom and seat their trays with those foam rubber chewies. Give them the gift of fresh breath and help them eliminate dry mouth with Movemints, the only Mint that Fits your clear aligners! Movemints are sugar free and are the perfect accessory to help aligner patients discreetly maintain a healthy routine.

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Keep these accessories in your go bag and you'll be ready for whatever your smile journey throws at you!

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