Mints for Invisalign
The Only Mint That Fits Your Clear Aligners

How To

1. Insert

The one-of-a-kind contour guides Movemints into place between your top and bottom aligners.

2. Seat

Bite down gently to tighten trays and stimulate blood flow to your teeth and gums.

3. Repeat

Enjoy Movemints anytime you want tighter trays and fresher breath!

Why Movemints?

Movemints are mints you can eat with your clear aligners! Improve the comfort and enjoyment of your smile journey with the only edible accessory for invisible braces. Best of all, Movemints are sugar free and sweetened with Xylitol to promote oral health while they freshen breath and fight dry mouth.

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Testimonials - Smile Brighter

Anyone straightening their teeth with clear aligners? This product is perfect for getting your trays in position. Sugar free & taste great. A must try. You will LOVE them!

Deb H.

I received a sample of Movemints to use with my Smile Direct Club clear aligners. These work great and needless to say, I'll be tossing out those gross little rubber things and replacing them with some Movemints.

Rob H.

These mints are super cute and taste great! I've been wanting to get something like this to use since I drink water mainly during the day to avoid a dry mouth with my Invisalign braces. As nurse, sometimes I don't always have time to drink and popping one of these mints in my mouth gives me a quick refresher!

Amazon Review

Love these lifesaving mints! when I run I cant chew gum with my aligners but having these helps so much! they seat my aligners & they're Spearmint 😊 I'm just so excited to have these.

Jennifer S.

I have aligners from Smile Direct Club and with being a teacher you don’t always have the time to eat let alone brush throughout the day. I was conscious of my breath whenever I would take my aligners off a free so many hours of wearing them. These mints are AWESOME! They are the perfect size, super hard, and you taste the flavor till the last piece is gone! I’ve actually stopped using my chewies and use these instead so I could avoid the saliva saturated chew. Great product. I would highly advise you to take these if you have aligners!

Neha M.

I got clear aligners three days ago and needed help pushing them on. The rubber thing my dentist gave me was awkward, painful, and I just hated them. These mints don't help the pain, but they are far more enjoyable than the rubber! I also hated how the trays make my mouth feel and these mints help a lot! Will definitely be using these throughout my year long journey with these aligners. 100% would recommend. You won't regret it!

Donovan A.

Nice flavor and I like that the grooves work to push against the trays. Will be buying more!

Amazon 5 star review

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