Movemints Breath Mints for Aligners

Movemints Breath Mints for Aligners

Variety Pack

20 mints per bag

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Movemints Breath Mints for Aligners

Movemints Breath Mints for Aligners

Variety Pack

Fresh Breath, Better Hydration, More Comfort.

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Introducing Movemints® - the perfect companion for your clear aligner journey. Created by an orthodontist, these sugar-free xylitol breath mints are expertly designed to eliminate dry mouth, freshen breath, and provide relief from clear aligner discomfort. Compatible with all types of aligners, Movemints offer a convenient and effective way to better enjoy your smile transformation.

How To Use Movemints

Using Movemints is as simple as placing a mint between your teeth (with your aligners in) and guiding it into place using the grooves. Use gentle pressure to make sure your aligners are fitting well and ease the discomfort of tight trays. 

Product Details

Spearmint: Experience a refreshing burst of confidence with our Original Spearmint Movemints Clear Aligner Breath Mints. Specially crafted to provide a revitalizing sensation, these mints offer a delightful blend of crisp spearmint and subtle sweetness. Let the invigorating flavors dance on your palate, leaving your breath and your aligners feeling minty-fresh and clean. Elevate your aligner journey with this classic flavor that never fails to uplift your spirits and keep your smile on point.

Orange: Ignite your senses with the tangy zest of our Orange Movemints Clear Aligner Breath Mints. Bursting with flavor, these mints will revitalize your breath and your aligners. This tantalizing and vibrant flavor will be a mainstay in your aligner journey - and quite possibly forever more - they. are. that. good.

Mint Chocolate: You must try the irresistible charm of our Mint Chocolate Movemints Clear Aligner Breath Mints! Immerse yourself in a world of rich flavors as velvety chocolate blends harmoniously with the refreshing essence of mint. This classic combination creates a mesmerizing treat for your taste buds, transporting you to a realm of pure decadence. With every mint, experience a perfect balance of sweet indulgence and freshness. So go ahead, enjoy the little pleasures of life while staying compliant with your aligner routine.

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ovemints vs. chewies

Chewies have one purpose - to seat aligners. Movemints does that and SO much more! AND they’re delicious and hygienic! Score!

  • Freshens Breath
  • Eliminates Dry Mouth
  • Edible & Tastes Great
  • Hygienic
  • Vegan, Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Seat Aligners & Relieves Pain
  • Plastic Free

we love your smile

over 15 million mints sold worldwide . . . and counting!

“It's a fresher, more convenient way to seat your aligners on the go.”

- Ryan J.

“Their fun shape helps set your aligners and keep your breath minty fresh like toothpaste! Love them!"

- Bridgette M.

“These have helped to seat my aligners when I put a new pair in. I couldn't do it without them. As a bonus, they are great tasting!"

- Dave T.

movemints are compatible with aligners including:

Customer Reviews

Based on 257 reviews
Brittany F.
Pleased customer

This is a great option for those people with Invisalign. Helps me hit my retainer goals and the mints are a good replacement for gum.

W C.
Not what was expected

Although the flavour is good, my daughter wanted flavoured chewies to keep her aligners in place that don’t dissolve. Far too expensive for dissolving mints. Basically a very pricey candy. Very disappointed.

Cheryl G.
Outstanding product!

Lifesaver for Invisalign - refreshes and definitely assists with the dry mouth and lips!!

Mary R.
Great for Invisalign

Second time buying from Movemints.
I wanted to try the new flavors. The chocolate mint was too sweet for me but I really liked the orange and the original mint flavor.
You can also eat them if you are on keto.
Really recommend them!
It feels good to be able to eat something with your trays on :) and leaves your mouth feeling fresh!

Clarence S.

Not a fan. Doesn’t behave like a breath mint

Super fast shipping

Great product, fast shipping. I'll be buying more!

Martin M.

Tastes great,
Freshen mouth with
Aligners in,
But very expensive


Must have for any aligner wearer!