Frequently Asked Questions

What are Movemints™?

  • Movemints™ provide a safe, great-tasting, simple-to-use alternative to the chewy foam or plastic aligner seating items which are currently available. Movemints™ were created by an orthodontist specifically for clear aligner patients and those wearing retainers.

Why did you create Movemints?

  • We want your treatment to be as enjoyable and predictable as possible. Movemints™ are a hands-free, easy-to-use tool for seating your aligners while enjoying the natural breath-freshening power of mint.

What are the benefits of using Movemints™?

  • Movemints™ can help by eliminating the stale breath that can (and will) occur during clear aligner therapy.

  • Movemints™ allow you to wear clear aligners or retainers and go about your lifestyle without feeling self-conscious about bad breath.

  • Movemints™ allow you to seat your aligners into place without having to chew on plastic.

Can Movemints hurt my teeth or break my aligners?

  • No! Movemints™ are specially designed to be used in between aligners! We recommend applying gentle pressure to each mint so that it will last a long time, providing you with excellent aligner tray seating. We recommend focusing on the front teeth, or what is known as the "social-six", which is where you'll find Movemints™ fit the best!
  • This repetitive process also generates a lot of beneficial blood flow for the teeth which typically reduces discomfort and can result in more efficient tooth movement!

How many Movemints™ can I have in one day?

  • We recommend using Movemints™ whenever stale breath occurs or your teeth feel achy in order to maximize your comfort and effectiveness while wearing aligners.  Movemints™ were created by an orthodontist especially for use with clear aligners and retainers.  The active ingredient, Xylitol, is considered safe unless consumed in extremely high volumes (greater than 40 grams daily or equal to over 80 Movemints™).  Please feel free enjoy Movemints™ to keep your breath fresh and your treatment on track!

What is Xylitol?

  • Xylitol is safe for clear aligner patients! It is a naturally occurring sugar substitute that can help prevent dry mouth and is also thought to help prevent tooth decay*. Preventing tooth decay is an important part of maintaining optimal oral health during clear aligner therapy. Movemints™ can help, but are not a substitute for proper oral hygiene!

Are Movemints pet-friendly?

  • No!  Xylitol, the natural sweetener in Movemints™, is known to be toxic to dogs -- just like chocolate! We love our pets as much as you do, so please store your Movemints responsibly!

I need help, how can I contact you?

  • Check out our "Contact Us" page, or simply shoot us a note to

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.