Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Movemints™?

  • Movemints provide a safe-for-teeth, great-tasting, simple-to-use alternative to the chewy foam or plastic aligner seating items which are currently available.
  • Movemints were created by an orthodontist specifically to help clear aligner patients and those wearing retainers.

What do Movemints do?

They relieve aligner pain, hydrate your mouth, and seat your aligners! Our three delicious flavors also help you curb those candy cravings.

How many mints can I eat per day?

We recommend eating one each time you put your aligners back in. You can also eat one when dry mouth or bad breath pops up!

Who invented Movemints?

After 8 years of research, Dr. Dave, a highly-respected orthodontist, invented Movemints. It was inspired by his bad experience with Chewies.

Movemints vs Chewies

Chewies were invited in 1996 (before Invisalign). Unlike Chewies, Movemints are edible and hygienic. While conducting research, Movemints discovered that Chewies develop bacteria even after 1 use!

Can I eat Movemints with my aligners?

Yes, you can! Enjoy one of our three delicious flavors.

What aligners do Movemints work with?

Movemints’ patented shape is designed to work with every aligner on the market including Invisalign, 3M, ClearCorrect, Smile Direct Club, & more.

How do you use Movemints?

You simply insert it between your aligners and gently bite down.

Can my pets eat Movemints?

No! Xylitol is harmful to dogs and can be deadly! Store them safely.

What’s included in the subscription?

You’ll enjoy the best pricing, including a 15% discount, free auto-shipping, and a free copy of Movemints’ book, “The Ultimate Guide To Your Aligner Journey” (valued at $30).

What are the mystery gifts?

Don’t ruin the surprise. That’s half the fun!

Do I get a mystery gift if my subscription is over $25?

Yes, you do!

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