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PULTOOL Clear Aligner Removal

PULTOOL Clear Aligner Removal

3 Pack
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No finger fishing! Use Pultool for safe and sanitary removal tool of your invisible braces and retainers. Pultools are made with food-grade materials that are BPA- and phthalate-free, and are dishwasher safe. They fit conveniently in your aligner case and are effective and durable enough to last for at least 1000 meals!

The ergonomic design is ideal for removing clear braces in the optimal manner, without damaging trays or injuring your mouth. 

How to Use

To remove your upper aligner, firmly grip the loop end with your fingers.

Place the hook end between your tooth and aligner (tongue side or cheek side) on your very last molar. Gently pull downward with mild force to dislodge the aligner.

Once your aligner is released, use the hook end to continue removing your aligner towards your two front teeth. Repeat these steps for the lower aligner.


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