5 Invisalign Tips for Taking Care of Your Aligners This Summer

5 Invisalign Tips for Taking Care of Your Aligners This Summer

Summer is just around the corner. As the days grow longer and the weather grows warmer, we can finally leave our stuffy bedrooms and enjoy our favorite summer pastimes. With cities slowly re-opening, we can also start going to restaurants, pools, beaches, and parks again.    

If you have just started treatment for Invisalign®, you will want to continue to practice safe cleaning and care tips this summer. Brush up on our top Invisalign tips for taking care of your aligners now. 


1. Follow a Proper Cleaning Routine

One of the Most Important Invisalign Tips to Follow

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Cleaning your Invisalign trays is a simple, but critical, process for preventing them from developing an unpleasant odor or causing dental problems in the future. 

Follow these steps when cleaning your Invisalign trays:

  • Rinse your aligners with lukewarm water when you remove them.
  • Dip a toothbrush into clear, anti-bacterial soft soap and gently brush the entire surface of the tray. Use small, circular motions to scrub the entire tray. 
  • Don’t use an abrasive toothpaste to clean your trays, as it can harm them.
  • Rinse the trays under lukewarm water again after you finish brushing them. 

You should also inspect your aligner for calcium or tartar build-up on a regular basis. They typically appear as a white film on the trays that is difficult to brush off. To remove the build-up, you will need to soak your trays in a cleaning solution designed for Invisalign aligners

2. Floss Your Teeth on a Regular Basis

A Clean Mouth is Critical for Preventing Dental Health Problems

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While it’s probably safe to assume you are brushing your teeth every day, you might want to ask yourself whether you floss them often enough. If you aren’t flossing them every day, then the answer is no. Food or gunk that was missed from your regular brushing routine can easily be trapped between your teeth and aligners. As a result, bacteria and plaque can quickly build up underneath them, putting you at risk of developing a cavity. Therefore, you need to make sure you floss your teeth at least once a day to keep them clean and healthy. 

3. Soak Your Aligners Regularly

Follow These Do’s and Don'ts of Soaking Invisalign Trays

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To keep your Invisalign trays hygienic and odor-free, you will need to soak them on a regular basis. You should do this in addition to your regular daily cleaning routine. Invisalign cleaning crystals are available for people in need of an effective cleaning solution. Users simply place their aligners into a cleaning container before filling it with warm water until the trays are fully-immersed. They can then empty the contents of their packet of cleaning crystals into the water and shake it to allow the crystals to quickly dissolve. After allowing the solution to stand for at least 15 minutes, you can rinse off the trays and either place them back in or store them in a dry container. 

4. Keep an Extra Set and Case of Aligners with You While Traveling

Follow Our Invisalign Tips for Traveling with Aligners

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If you plan to travel this summer, you will need to remember to bring extra pairs of aligners with you. Just for extra insurance, you might want to consider bringing an extra case as well. Even if you are normally good at keeping track of your items, you never know what can happen on a trip. At a minimum, you should bring your previous set, current set, and upcoming set of aligners with you on your trip. 

If you are flying, you should keep your aligner trays and cases on your person or in a bag. Baggage can easily be lost, and you don’t want to go for days without wearing your aligners. When you are on the road or in the air, it can be difficult to brush your teeth every time after you eat. At the very least, make sure you rinse both your mouth and your aligners before placing them back in after eating. 

5. Stay Hydrated and Fresh

Avoid Developing Dry Mouth and Other Oral Issues

man holding package of movemints

Invisalign dry mouth is a common, but an irritating side effect of wearing clear aligners. As a result, many patients crave something that will keep their mouth fresh and healthy. Some patients try sucking on sugar-free mints to address this issue, but unfortunately, many of these mints are actually stuffed with unhealthy artificial sweeteners. 

Nowadays, an increasing number of Invisalign users are turning to Movemints to keep their breaths fresh and minty. Not only are Movemints sugar-free, but they are made with xylitol, a chemical known for preventing dry mouth and other oral-related problems. Thanks to the patented grooves in the mints that fit between your upper and lower trays, you can comfortably chew on these mints for extended periods of time. 

Want more Invisalign tips for taking care of your aligners and staying on track with your treatment plan? Visit Movemints — mints designed for invisible aligners and seat trays — for more information on Invisalign care. For years, customers have enjoyed Movemints for their effectiveness in improving dental health and eliminating dry mouth. Isn’t it time you gave the Mint that Fits™ a try?
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