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A Complete Guide to Invisible Teeth Aligners

woman with clear aligners in movemints blue glove orthodontistOur teeth are often the very first thing other people notice about us, so why not take the steps to improve your smile at home? While you should always consult your dentist before making any major decisions about your teeth there are many different ways you can straighten your teeth from home. At home teeth aligners are not just about convenience, they can also provide dental care to rural areas that may not have invisible teeth aligners available. Everyone deserves to straighten their teeth in the most comfortable and affordable way they choose and clear aligners are helping individuals achieve straighter teeth every day.

However, a beautiful smile is not merely a cosmetic preference. Invisible teeth aligners can greatly improve oral health as well. Crowded teeth can lead to excess plaque buildup which contributes to gingivitis and eventually to cavities and tooth loss.

At home invisible teeth aligners are also cost effective for those who may not be able to afford traditional teeth straightening methods. In comparison to the $5K usually required for treatments at a dentist’s office, at home aligners generally range closer to $2K for an improved smile.

So, now that we have covered the benefits of at home teeth aligners, let's get into which brand is right for you.

The Original “Direct” Smile Club

The OG at-home teeth aligner company (you know the one!)

man with ponytail blue background big smile beardFind the right fit for you and for your teeth, they'll thank you!

Price: $1,850 single upfront payment or $2,170 through its payment plan

Impressions: $79 home impression kit

Retainers: $99 per pair

Launched in 2014, the first company to provide at-home teeth aligners is still considered one of the best. Their rapid expansion has made a stunning and healthy smile available to many across the world who wouldn’t have access to invisible aligners otherwise.

Once you visit the website, you take a 30 second smile assessment to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for their brand of invisible teeth aligners. If you are determined to be a good candidate, you then send them an impression of your teeth by either using their $79 at home impression kit or by visiting one of their physical locations. 

The company offers two different pricing options you can choose from, either a one time payment or several payments over time. Though the initial ticket price of $1850 may seem like a lot, you will end up paying more in the long run when you choose to pay in installments.

Once you receive your at home invisible aligners, you also get a few additional accessories in the box to help you on your smile journey. There’s a retainer case, chapstick, an aligner removal tool, “bright on” teeth whitening gel, and some of our Movemints clear aligner chewies to help you seat your trays. All of your trays will be shipped at once, meaning it is really a one stop shop for a better smile. You can always reach out to their customer service if there are any questions you have or adjustments you need to make along the way. 

Byte Invisible Braces

Get access to doctors 7 days a week

two animations shaking hands out of laptop pink screensConcerns about invisible teeth aligners? Some services allow you to message a dentist your questions.

Price: $1,895 upfront cost with payment plans are available

Impressions: $19.95 impression kit

Retainers: One free set of clear retainers

You may not have heard of Byte, but it is a great option for invisible teeth aligners and features unlimited access to Byte’s Expert Dental Network. With their network of over 200 dentists and orthodontists, you are able to discuss questions or concerns about your aligners online with a licensed dentist. Another big draw of Byte is that their impression kit is just $19.95. This is included in their complete package, currently available for $1,895. There are payment plans available, but like most payment plans will end up costing you more than the upfront cost. Byte also has the advantage of providing your first set of retainers completely free. You can also set your Byte subscription to automatically mail you a new retainer every 6 months. 

Candid Co. 

Fashionable at home teeth aligner designs for everyone

woman putting in retainer in front of mirror purple hoodie brown hairYou’ll have a brand new smile before you know it.

Price: $1,995 upfront cost includes the $95 impression kit, aligners, retainers, and complimentary whitening. Payment plans start at $88/month for 24 months

Impressions: $95 at home impression kit

Retainers: One free set of clear retainers, then $99 a pair

Candid is here to help improve your smile in style. The company also stresses the importance of their remote care team, much like Byte. Candid differentiates itself by using in-state licensed orthodontists to help you begin aligning your teeth. So, while you won’t ever have to go to an office, you can rest assured that you are in the care of a professional orthodontist.  

When you receive your fashionably designed package of aligners from Candid Co. you’ll also receive free custom retainers and complimentary teeth whitening products. These retainers won’t last forever, but it is nice to have your first pair for free. To order more retainers, they are $99 each.


Truly invisible clear liners delivered to your home

man at orthodontist blue light teeth whitening sunglasses lying downNo one wants noticeable teeth aligners.

Price: $1,849 one-time payment with payment plans are available

Impressions: $49, fully refundable if you are not deemed a candidate for their treatment

Retainer: Free with one time payment

SnapCorrect, unlike many other invisible teeth aligner providers, promises Truly Invisible Aligners. By inferring that other liners are not clear enough or more noticeable to others than SnapCorrect, the brand is distinctive in its purpose. The whole point of invisible aligners is to go completely unnoticed, right? SnapCorrect takes this very seriously, comparing the difference in invisibility to Invisalign on their website. SnapCorrect also offers an online portal where you can upload pictures of your smile and share any questions you may have about invisible teeth aligners. 

Now that we have explored some of the most popular and most affordable invisible teeth aligners on the market, it is up to you to decide which is the best fit for your smile. Do your own research into each brand to determine the most effective for your dental needs. Remember, you should always consult your dentist before beginning any teeth aligning process. Once you have done your research and talked to a professional, it’s time to begin aligning your teeth. Don’t forget to check out Movemints, a breath freshener and perfect accessory for your invisible teeth aligners. Only Movemints are designed to fit in your aligners and keep bad breath at bay while you straighten your teeth. A brighter, straighter, more confident smile is right around the corner!
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