Clear Aligners Dos and Don’ts: Invisalign Tips You Need to Know

Clear Aligners Dos and Don’ts: Invisalign Tips You Need to Know

Clear aligner treatments are the easiest, most discreet way to straighten your teeth. With minimal lifestyle changes and a variety of treatment options available, these clear aligner treatments provide patients with the flexibility they need for simple and enjoyable treatment.

Even with this flexibility, there are a number of guidelines that patients need to follow for safe and effective treatment. While this list of at-home retainer and Invisalign tips seems extensive, these simple dos and don’ts will ensure that you’re getting the best results possible by the end of treatment. Check it out!

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Invisalign Tips: The ‘Dos’

Things to do for Optimal Clear Aligner Results

Clear aligner treatments are designed to be as simple as possible, leading to minimal lifestyle changes and relatively fast treatment times. However, it’s important to follow these at-home retainer and Invisalign tips for the best results to ensure that your treatment is safe and effective. In addition to wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours a day, be sure to follow some of our clear aligner ‘dos’ to end up with the best results:

  • Do carry extra trays while traveling. When packing a bag for a trip, be sure to add your clear aligners to your packing checklist. Not only is forgetting your aligners an easy way to lose progress on treatment, but forgetting your extra aligners means that your trays will begin to distort and discolor over time. When in doubt, bring one extra set for the length of your trip in case you lose or misplace a set while away from home.
  • Do use Movemints and Chewies. What makes Invisalign and at-home retainers so effective? Their precise fit! However, not taking the time to fit your aligners into place can lead to less than optimal results. In addition to using your Chewies, try Movemints. Great for fitting your aligners on the go, Movemints freshen your breath and help ensure a proper fit all day every day.
  • Do continue regular dental checkups and cleanings. Much like traditional braces, straightening your teeth with clear aligners is a big deal! This is why it’s important to keep up with regular dental checkups and cleanings during treatment. Not only will your dentist be able to keep your teeth clean and cavity-free during treatment, but they can monitor your progress to ensure safe treatment.
  • Do brush and floss before putting your aligners in. Not only is it important for your aligners to be clean before insertion, but it’s vital to keep up with regular oral hygiene. This helps to prevent plaque buildup, bacteria growth, and infection that may be caused by improper dental care.
  • Do keep hand sanitizer with you. If you’re removing your aligners throughout the day to eat or drink, you’re putting your dirty hands and a bunch of germs into your mouth. If it’s not possible to wash your hands before removing your aligners every time, be sure to stock up on hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean throughout the day.

Invisalign Tips: The ‘Don’ts’

Avoid these Common Clear Aligner Faux Pas for Best Results

While patients are frequently given at-home retainer and Invisalign tips, they’re seldom told what NOT to do during treatment. While it makes sense to reinforce positive behavior and habits, it’s also important to be able to recognize clear aligner faux pas that could negatively impact your treatment and results. Check out some of these clear aligner ‘don’ts’ from the experts that can help you master your treatment:

  • Don’t leave aligners on a napkin. Leaving your aligners on a napkin or out in the open is a sure-fire way for them to go missing, get thrown in the trash, or get eaten by your dog. Be sure to keep a retainer case with you at all times — one in your purse or backpack, by your bed, and in your kitchen — to ensure that you never miss out on a vital part of your treatment.
  • Don’t get rid of your previous aligner. In the case that you do lose or break an aligner (it happens!), it’s important to have a backup ready. Whether you’re far enough into your treatment to skip to a new aligner or need to revert back to the previous one, it’s important to have a backup ready so that you don’t miss out on treatment.
  • Don’t eat or drink with your aligners. While this is made clear (pun intended) at the beginning of treatment, do not eat or drink with your aligners in. Over time, you may feel confident that you could eat soft foods or chew gum, but both of these will damage your aligners severely.
  • Don’t expose your aligners to high temperatures. Exposing your aligners to hot water, sunlight, or excessive heat from a car can melt or distort your aligners, rendering them ineffective. Keep your aligners in a cool, dry place for the best results.
  • Don’t use sharp objects to remove your aligners. Trying to remove your aligners with a sharp object can be extremely dangerous to your mouth. Instead, stick to removing your aligners with a tool like OrthoKey, pulling gently from the back of your mouth This will keep your mouth safe and keep your aligner from breaking.

Ready to tackle your clear aligner treatment with these Invisalign tips? Be sure to check out Movemints before starting your treatment. These tiny, sugar-free mints help promote effective treatment while keeping your breath minty fresh all day long.

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