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Is Invisalign Worth It? Breaking Down the Costs Associated With Treatment

Breaking down the basics to find out — is Invisalign worth it for your ideal smile?

For a lot of adults and teens the idea of getting braces is less than appealing. Many dislike that metal braces are highly visible and you have to have them tightened every few weeks. Luckily, in the last few decades, clear aligners have grown in popularity among adults and teens. However, there are still many people who aren’t sure whether Invisalign is worth it to straighten their teeth. 

Today, we’ll be examining several different factors to help you decide — is Invisalign worth it? We’re going to be covering key factors such as cost, looks, efficacy and the duration of clear aligners compared to braces. Let’s get into it!

Is Invisalign More Expensive Than Braces?

In general, Invisalign tends to be slightly more expensive than traditional metal braces

Woman in an orthodontists office holding clear alignersOnly your orthodontist can give you an accurate estimate for braces or Invisalign.

First things first, we should talk about the cost of Invisalign clear aligners. Depending on a number of factors, ranging from the amount of correction you need to where you live, the price of Invisalign will fluctuate. Generally Invisalign costs anywhere from $3000 to $7000 for a complete treatment, where braces will run you anywhere from $2000 to $6000. 

As you can see, Invisalign is usually more expensive than metal braces. It is important to acknowledge potential extra costs for both options too, like lost aligners, a post treatment Invisalign retainer, or broken braces that can increase your total bill. There is also a possibility that your dental insurance — if you have dental insurance — will cover part of the total cost. Keep reading to evaluate whether the extra cost is worth it, given the other factors.

Consider The Total Cost of Your Invisalign 

If wearing metal braces for 12 to 18 months gives you pause, then Invisalign is probably a worthy investment

model holding up clear aligner in focusInvisalign is barely noticeable compared to metal braces, which is why it has remained so popular.

Probably the most enticing feature of Invisalign is that you can straighten your teeth without the look of metal braces. For a variety of cultural reasons, many people feel uncomfortable with metal braces obstructing their smile. It makes sense! Often the first thing people notice about you is your smile, and you don’t want a set of braces getting in the way.

For many people, the aesthetic advantage of Invisalign vs braces is a no-brainer. Invisalign is almost completely Invisible and you can straighten your teeth without obstructing your smile. The benefit of invisibility is what has made clear aligners such a popular teeth straightening method. So, if you feel like wearing metal braces might make you uncomfortable, then Invisalign is definitely worth it.

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Will Invisalign Work For You?

Depending on your orthodontic needs, Invisalign may not be an option

fitting clear aligners on model of teethThere are some orthodontic issues that can’t be corrected with clear aligners.

When you ask your orthodontist about Invisalign, they will first have to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for clear aligners. Invisalign cannot correct all orthodontic issues, and there are some conditions — like large teeth gaps — that can still only be corrected using metal braces.

Before you set your sights on Invisalign, ask your orthodontist what they recommend for treatment. Invisalign is very effective at treating mild to moderate, and even some complex, cases, but depending on your unique needs it isn’t always the right fit. And that’s okay! However you choose to straighten your teeth, the end result will be a beautiful new smile.

Treatment Time is a Factor of Invisalign's Total Cost

Often Invisalign can correct your teeth in less time and with fewer visits to your orthodontist

Remember, you can’t rush a great smile! Both Invisalign and braces take time to move your teeth.

For some Invisalign patients, their smile journey is much shorter than those who choose metal braces. Many Invisalign patients are able to complete their aligner trays in under a year. Often, metal braces are estimated by orthodontists to take 12-18 months to complete treatment. If you are a good candidate for Invisalign and are ready to have a straightened smile within the year, then there is a good chance that Invisalign is worth it for you. However, since not everyone is the right fit for clear aligners, you need to consult with your orthodontist first to get a recommendation. 

Ultimately, there are too many factors to give a definitive answer to the question — is Invisalign worth it? It will depend on a variety of factors and it is up to you and your orthodontist to settle on the best plan for your teeth. For more information about Invisalign, as well as tips and tricks, check out our Movemints blog to answer every question you have about straightening your teeth with clear aligners!

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