My Invisalign is Cutting my Tongue! How Can I Treat It?

Invisalign aligners offer an effective method for discretely straightening your teeth. Unlike regular metal braces, you don’t have to worry about a mouth full of metal distracting people from your gorgeous smile. But sometimes, you might run into pain and discomfort from your Invisalign.

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Because your tongue tends to naturally move whenever you talk, it can end up getting cut against the side of your Invisalign. Dealing with Invisalign cutting the tongue is never pleasant. That’s why we’re offering a full guide to dealing with Invisalign pain and offering effective methods for treating it!

Why Your Invisalign is Cutting Your Tongue

Invisalign pain can be caused by a number of different factors

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Traditional braces are known to cause mouth discomfort and pain at times. This is because of the metal wires used to straighten your teeth. However, some Invisalign patients experience tongue cuts and pain from their trays. Sometimes, after you receive a new set of trays, the side of your tongue can become irritated by the trays from moving around while you speak. This often occurs as a result of the sharp tray edges. Most of the time, the cuts and abrasions disappear within a couple of weeks.

However, if you feel that you are continually dealing with irritating tongue cuts, there are a number of methods you can follow for treating them. Placing orthodontic wax over the aligners can help your mouth grow accustomed to the plastic aligner trays. Some people try smoothing the edges of their trays down. However, they can inadvertently damage their aligners if they aren’t careful. If you choose this tactic, use an emery board to carefully smooth out rough edges, being mindful not to use too much force or you could warp them. 

If your aligners continue to bother you after waiting a couple of weeks and trying orthodontic wax, contact your provider. They can determine whether anything is wrong with the trays and replace them, if necessary. 

Tips for Treating a Sore Tongue

Dealing with a cut on your tongue can be extremely irritating. Thankfully, there are a number of effective methods you can try to treat it. As your tongue heals, consider trying these tips to ease your discomfort. 

  • Rinse your mouth daily with saltwater or peroxide-based mouthwash
  • Suck on a popsicle or some ice cubs to numb the pain
  • Avoid eating spicy dishes or foods with citrus
  • Stick to soft foods that are easy to swallow

Cuts from Invisalign trays usually do not warrant emergency trips to the hospital. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of an infection such as increased swelling, draining pus, or a fever, you should contact your physician for assistance. 

Other Ailments You Might Be Experiencing From Your Invisalign

If you think you might be experiencing issues with your Invisalign, you aren’t alone

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While Invisalign offers one of the most effective ways to straighten your teeth, it can cause some minor dental issues, especially at the start of your treatment. Some Invisalign patients have trouble with dry mouth, discomfort, and tray stains. 

Dry Mouth

Invisalign can cause gum swelling and irritation, which can then cause dry mouth from a lack of saliva production. Not only is dry mouth uncomfortable, but it can also put you at an increased risk of developing tooth decay. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is crucial for preventing dry mouth and encouraging saliva production. 

Tooth Pain

Experiencing pain from new trays is common, as your teeth are still getting adjusted to them. It will go away after a couple of weeks, however. If you find the pain especially irritating or unbearable, you can try over-the-counter pain medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen to help relieve discomfort. 


If you don’t wash your Invisalign trays properly, they may develop unsightly stains. When cleaning your Invisalign, make sure you use mild soap and water. Using regular toothpaste can actually cause abrasion in the aligners, thereby weakening them. 

Tips & Tricks for Treating Your Invisalign Pain

Dealing with Invisalign cutting the tongue is never pleasant — here’s how you can fix that!

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Starting your Invisalign treatment is an incredibly exciting time! But sometimes, you might run into discomfort and pain along the way. Luckily, there are a number of treatments you can undergo to relieve any Invisalign pain. 

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