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What are Invisalign Bumps and Why Are They Necessary?

Find out why some patients require Invisalign bumps, a specific category of Invisalign attachments

orthodontist placing clear aligners on teethInvisalign is an excellent tool for straightening teeth without metal braces. However, some smiles will require a bit more push to get the job done, and that’s where Invisalign bumps come into play. Invisalign bumps are a specific type of Invisalign attachments, an umbrella term for auxiliary materials placed either on your teeth or directly onto your aligners to encourage tooth movement. If your orthodontist has recommended that you need Invisalign bumps, then keep reading. We’re going to break down everything you need to know about them and how they help your aligners straighten your teeth. 

What are Invisalign Bumps and What are They Made of?

Invisalign bumps are very small attachments that help move your teeth into their correct position

woman placing clear aligners in mouthYour aligners are designed to fit around your attachments.

Technically, Invisalign bumps are known as bite ramps. They differ from attachments because bumps are built onto the clear aligners, while attachments are adhered directly onto your teeth. It is easy to confuse bumps with Invisalign buttons, which are another type of attachment placed onto your aligners. 

Buttons and bumps are different, with each serving a distinct purpose. Buttons are essentially anchors placed on the exterior of your trays, and provide hooks for attaching rubber bands that help move your teeth. Bumps are placed on the interior of the trays to help your bite open vertically. 

Whether you’re getting attachments, bumps, or buttons, just know that these methods are advancements in Invisalign therapy that have enabled clear aligners to treat a wider range of moderate to complex cases that would otherwise require traditional metal braces. If your provider recommends any of these methods, there’s no need to stress. Oftentimes, they can help you avoid Invisalign refinements by keeping your treatment on track.  

Do Invisalign Bumps Make Your Clear Aligners More Visible?

When you are wearing your aligners, your bumps are nearly invisible to others

hand holding clear alignersYour attachments will not affect the appearance of your teeth while you have your aligners in.

Now that we know what Invisalign bumps are, the next most pressing question from people is often, are they visible? This is a concern because one of the major perks of clear aligners is, well, that they’re nearly invisible. However, there is no need to worry! Your Invisalign bumps will not be visible while you are wearing your aligners because they are built on the interior of your trays. As a result, they blend in with your smile as much as possible.  

Unlike bumps, your attachments may be visible when you take out your aligners to eat since they are adhered to your teeth. Luckily, this is only for a few hours during the day since you need to wear your aligner for 22+ hours each day. It is important to remember that while your attachments might be slightly visible, they are still matched to the color of your teeth for the purpose of being as undetectable as possible.

How to Care for Your Invisalign Bumps

Your Invisalign bumps will be hardly noticeable if you take care of your aligners properly

young woman enjoying coffeeDuring your treatment, it is recommended that you limit teeth staining drinks like coffee.

No matter what type of attachments you have, it is necessary to take extra care of your smile while you're making corrections. Bumps are relatively easy maintenance, since they are inside the trays. Buttons require a bit more care, as you’ll want to make sure you clear any food particles from around them so bacteria doesn’t accumulate. And with attachments, since they are adhered to your teeth you want to avoid using any kind of whitening toothpaste while you brush. The reason is that whitening products will affect the tooth area around the attachments, but not underneath. If you use whitening toothpaste, you could end up highlighting the area covered by the attachment. For the same reason, you should try to avoid any food or drinks that will stain your teeth, as this will also highlight that you had attachments on your teeth.

It is also important to be very careful when you are inserting and removing your aligners. When attachments are used as a part of your treatment, they are all designed to make your trays fit better, or more snugly, onto your teeth. So take care to place them correctly and if you’re wearing buttons, don’t forget to put your rubber bands back on after you reinsert!  Poster

What About After Treatment?

Bumps have no impact on your teeth after you complete treatment

young woman after completing orthodontic treatmentBumps, attachments, and buttons all help move your teeth into their correct position.

When your teeth are completely straightened and you’ve completed your treatment, you’ll hardly remember your bumps at all. But attachments are a different story, since they go on your teeth. After you are done, your orthodontist will sand down the attachments until there is nothing left on your teeth. This removal process is completely painless, so there is no need to worry. Then, after your attachments are removed, you’re ready to begin wearing your Invisalign retainer to hold your smile in place. 

If you have more questions about Invisalign bumps or have more questions about general Invisalign care, check out our Movemints blog to answer every question you have about straightening your teeth with clear aligners! Your perfect smile could be just around the corner!Poster
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