What's the Deal with Chewies for Invisalign?

At various points during your Invisalign treatment, you may experience aligners that feel loose in your mouth or notice air gaps between your teeth and the trays. This is where chewies for Invisalign, those small styrofoam tubes your Orthodontist gave you when you began treatment, prove their worth.

Using chewies for Invisalign helps you properly seat your aligners so they track better with your teeth, promoting the tooth movement required to achieve your ideal smile. Patients often experience tracking issues such as loose trays early in a new aligner set, and biting on chewies for a few minutes each day is the remedy. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about chewies for Invisalign and introduce you to an edible alternative with added benefits for more comfortable treatment.

Let's find out more about Invisalign chewies and how they can help give you a flawless smile!

What are Chewies for Invisalign and What Do They Do?

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Before you begin your Invisalign treatment, your Orthodontist will scan your mouth to create a series of custom fitting trays that will gradually move your teeth into their ideal positions. Each new set of aligners applies maximum orthodontic force when they fit correctly, so you want to make sure your aligners are properly “seated” on your teeth when you insert them. 

However, when you place a new set of aligners over your teeth for the first time, you may notice they don’t fit correctly. When this occurs, gently biting on Invisalign chewies will guide the aligners into place to ensure proper seating. If you are not diligent about the fit, then your treatment won’t proceed according to plan and you may have to get Invisalign refinements to get back on track.

Invisalign chewies are used to “seat” retainers and eliminate any air bubbles between your teeth and your clear aligners. By using chewies over time, your aligners will fit better and become much more comfortable. Chewies are typically made of a soft plastic foam, and while some come in scented varieties they are ultimately tasteless and become smelly and gross if you don’t clean them after each use.

How To Properly Use Chewies

Unsure about how to use chewies to seat your Invisalign? We’ve outlined some steps to help you get started

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Anyone who is using Invisalign to straighten their teeth should have chewies as part of their care kit. Using chewies for 5-10 minutes per day, especially if you are noticing your Invisalign is not tracking, will help your aligners seat correctly and keep you on track with your plan. You can use chewies at any time of the day, but we especially recommend using them right before bed so that your aligner is fitting perfectly overnight. It is most important to use your chewies when you have just put in a new aligner, you have finished eating and are reinserting your trays, or you just aren't getting a snug fit on some areas of your teeth. 

To use your chewies properly, follow these steps:

  1. Grab a chewie and place it between your teeth so you can bite down.
  2. Bite on the chewie for a few seconds to seat your aligner.
  3. Move the chewie around your mouth, biting down for a few seconds after moving the chewie. 
  4. Move the chewie from the right to the left side of your mouth to make sure you have seated all areas of the aligner. Focus more attention on areas where gaps or spaces are visible between the teeth and the aligner.
  5. Use your chewie for about 5-10 minutes per day until your aligners become more comfortable.


    Will Using Chewies Straighten My Teeth Faster?

    Though they may not make your treatment faster, chewies for Invisalign keep you on the right track

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    Many people wonder if Invisalign chewies will speed up your Invisalign treatment. The short answer is no, but they do prevent you from prolonging your treatment. If your aligners are not fitting properly and you can’t correct the problem with a chewie, your aligners may be less effective at moving your teeth. That means, of course, that you will end up wearing your invisible braces longer than intended, or require refinements like Invisalign attachments to get back on track. So, while chewies won’t speed up your treatment, they will prevent you from prolonging your smile journey.

    Can Chewies for Invisalign Prevent Aligner Discomfort?

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    New aligners often feel tight at first and may cause Invisalign pain. Fortunately, chewing exercises can help you experience Invisalign pain relief by promoting beneficial blood flow to your teeth and gums. That’s why Orthodontists recommend using aligner chewies throughout your smile journey. Using chewies for Invisalign won’t make the pain go away immediately, but you will experience less discomfort in the future as your teeth and mouth adjust to the straightening process. If you use chewies for the recommended 5-10 minutes per day, not only will your trays fit better, you will experience less overall discomfort during treatment.

    What Types of Chewies Are Available?

    There are more ways to seat your aligners than just the soft plastic chewies

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    Since so many are choosing Invisalign as a discreet and effective option for orthodontic care, there are more options available for seating your aligners. We created Movemints® Clear Aligner Mints as an alternative to Invisalign chewies because our founder, an Orthodontist specializing in Invisalign, kept hearing from his patients how chewies made them gag. 

    Movemints perform the same function as chewies for Invisalign, but have additional benefits for clear aligner treatment. First and foremost, they are sugar-free and sweetened with a therapeutic dose of xylitol to fight Invisalign dry mouth and bad breath. 

    Movemints are easy to use, and have a patented groove that fits between your aligners. Simply place Movemints between your top and bottom teeth and bite gently for a few seconds to close any air gaps. They are hard enough to withstand the force needed to seat your trays and ensure a comfortable fit. Once you’ve completed the chewing exercises, you can enjoy the great taste and breath freshening power of our aligner-friendly mints anywhere your smile journey takes you!

    If you have not considered using chewies before, now is the time to start! Invisalign Chewies can really improve the fit of your aligners and will cause less discomfort over time. And if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning your chewie or losing it somewhere, try Movemints, the only Mint That Fits® your clear aligners! Explore all of the different accessories Movemints has to offer in the Essential Aligner Accessories kit and discover all of the different ways you can improve your Invisalign experience.


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