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Why I Created Movemints™ — Clear Aligner Mints Designed for Invisalign Wearers

For decades, there was only one product on the market dedicated solely to helping clear aligner patients seat their trays and perform regular chewing exercises: Invisalign chewies. It didn’t take long for most of my colleagues, and myself, to grow tired of this unsatisfactory option. Some of them even began to craft their own Invisalign chewie alternatives using MacGyver tactics. Disposable toothbrushes, surgical suction tips, and other repurposed dental supplies became makeshift “chewies” for patients. 

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But these tactics were not user-friendly or pleasant for patients. So I set out to create a viable alternative to Invisalign chewies that would enhance the smile journey for millions of people around the world. And so my journey to creating Movemints™ began. 

The Journey Toward Building Movemints

A full history of my journey toward creating a viable alternative to Invisalign chewies for patients

man holding package of movemintsThe journey toward building Movemints started from a desire to provide patients with a better product than the Invisalign chewies that dominated the market. 

The Quest for a Better Alternative

When it came to finding suitable products for seating aligners, patients didn’t have many options to choose from. They could use Invisalign chewies. But chewies are easy to lose and start to smell bad after repeated use. If they rolled out of your case and onto the ground, they needed thorough sanitation before reuse. 

This was unacceptable to me. I felt that I had to do something to end the madness. With clear aligner treatment an already enormous and rapidly growing market, I had an opportunity to innovate. I could create an alternative to chewies for Invisalign that would make the smile journey more comfortable for millions of people around the world. And so it began — the Movemints story.

In a lab hidden somewhere in the hills of East Pittsburgh, I took to the grinding wheel. I was  determined to reshape the Invisalign chewie. I successfully created some pretty cool shapes, but I was still gagging on the unappealing foam rubber. So I thought to myself, why not create something edible that my patients could enjoy while seating their trays? I sculpted anything I could find. I tried my kids' play dough, jolly ranchers, and anything else I could find in the checkout section of my local grocery store.

An Edible, Hands-Free Solution

person chewing on edible movemintsAfter hours of researching and testing, my product was finally starting to come together. 

One of the least appealing parts of using Invisalign chewies is having to hold onto one end of the product while chewing on the other. It’s not the most flattering look for people. And you can’t conceal it easily, which is why so many clear aligner wearers don’t enjoy using them. It's also unsanitary and a genuine threat to patient health, especially during cold and flu season. 

In order for my innovation to be hands-free, it had to fit in between the teeth. I also wanted it to be edible so the patient could consume it after use. And in order for it to help seat trays, it had to be firm enough to support the gentle chewing exercises that justified the need for chewies in the first place. We also needed something that would prevent the product from flying out of the patient’s mouth. So my partner and I started to think about what an ideal shape might look like. Altogether, we wanted something that was:

  • Small enough to fit in between the teeth
  • Edible for consumption
  • Firm enough to support chewing exercises
  • Safe and free of risk 

We eventually exhausted our abilities and hired a local sculptor who took our crude designs to an incredible new level. He loved the challenge of crafting an object that could conform to the plastic Invisalign trays. We loved what he was able to deliver.

With the shape developed, it was time to solve the second part of the equation: an Invisalign chewies alternative that would also be edible and enjoyable for patients to consume. And that's what ultimately led me to design a mint with special grooves that could fit my patient's clear aligners. It took us a few formulations, but with hard work and determination we proudly introduced Movemints clear aligner mints to the world in early 2016. 

Introducing Movemints, the Mint that Fits Clear Aligners!

a smling womanAfter years of hard work, we finally got to introduce Movemints to the rest of the world. 

After several product iterations, a design and utility patent, trademark applications, and years of hard work, we have distributed millions of Movemints to clear aligner patients all over the world. Patients can either buy them on Amazon or our online store. Orthodontists and Invisalign providers can purchase sample packs for their patients, thereby differentiating their practice. Fun fact: we even got invited to feature Movemints in the 61st Annual GRAMMY Gift Bag

It's been an incredible ride, but it's enabled us to deliver on our mission to make clear aligner treatment more comfortable and enjoyable for Invisalign patients everywhere. In a world of high-technology, Movemints are simply the best alternative to Invisalign chewies.

Why don’t you give the Mint That Fits™ a try?

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