Why More Dentists and Orthodontists Choose Movemints Clear Aligner Mints

When Invisalign was introduced to the market, I could tell right away how popular clear aligners were going to be with my patients. The convenience of removing the trays, even if only for 2 hours a day, would absolutely change the orthodontics game. Soon enough, they were everywhere, as people began opting for them over traditional metal braces.

The clear aligner lifestyle is ideal for adults, and my patients love the combination of flexibility and discretion that Invisalign provides. But even with the temporary plastic reprieve, straightening teeth with invisible braces is no walk in the park. The trays, which have to be worn for 22 hours each day, are hard, tight, and require some lifestyle adjustment. Many people are surprised at how painful a new set of trays can be, and I often hear complaints about bad breath and dry mouth.

Back in those early days, my colleagues and I didn’t have much to give people who complained about these common symptoms. Other than a plastic chewie, there were no Invisalign accessories that could help patients stay on track with their treatment, improve the comfort of daily wear time, and freshen bad breath.

And that just didn’t sit right with me.  

So I started tinkering around with various designs. At first I tried to reshape the chewie, but quickly expanded my thinking beyond chewie foam. My goal was to create an alternative to the chewie that would encourage patients to perform their chewing exercises (which are important both for seating trays and soothing sore teeth and gums) while also freshening their breath.

Movemints are the only edible alternative to Invisalign chewies

After two long but also thrilling years of work, I finally had a prototype for Movemints, the Mint that Fits Clear Aligners™. I applied for and secured a patent, found a manufacturer, and we were off to the races. Today, I provide Movemints to all of my patients, and our customers love them. And what’s really exciting is that my colleagues are starting to love them too!

Invisalign Chewies vs. Movemints Clear Aligner Mints

Recently, we invited two of them to contribute a story for the Movemints blog about why they love Movemints, and how they are incorporating them into their treatment plans. Our first contributor is Dr. Amanda Cheng, a Harvard-educated orthodontist who leads Days to Smile Orthodontics in San Francisco, CA. We met Dr. Cheng at the American Association of Orthodontists conference in Washington, DC where we launched a new formula to the world. In her post, she describes why she prefers Movemints over clear aligner chewies. Read it by clicking on the graphic below!

Movemints vs. Invisalign Chewies: An Orthodontist's Opinion

Movemints Promote Compliance With 22 Hour Daily Wear Guidelines

Melissa is a blogger and a dentist with whom we connected during a recent promotional campaign, and her husband is an orthodontist who provides Invisalign to his patients. So they both hear plenty of feedback from patients about the trials and tribulations of oral care. One of the more common, they tell us, is the inability to chew gum or eat breath mints during orthodontic treatment.

In their experience, this leads patients to make poor decisions about what they put in their mouth, or a lack of willpower when it comes to wearing their trays for the full 22 hour daily time. These decisions can lead to suboptimal results and other dental issues that go beyond an irregular smile.

This is why they both support Movemints, and their blog post makes that clear. They call Movemints “a true win for both the patient for eating something and a win for the orthodontist because this allows patient compliance.”

Music to my ears, and I couldn’t agree more!

Movemints clear aligner mints improve patient compliance with Invisalign recommended daily wear time

Treat Your Patients to the Only Edible Accessory for Clear Braces

If you want to help your patients the same way that I now help mine, I have good Buy Movemints clear aligner mints for your Invisalign practice and give your patients a fresh alternative to chewie foam!news! You can buy Movemints for your practice with our "Daily Dose" sample package for providers of Invisalign and other clear aligner braces. Each package includes thirty 3 count sample bags of Movemints, which are perfect for including in patient sample bags. We offer special pricing for providers, so contact us for more information!


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