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7 Soft Foods to Eat with Invisalign

Have you ever bit into an apple, only to wince in pain because your teeth shifted during Invisalign treatment?

Chewing hard or crunchy foods with those clear plastic aligners in place can be an unpleasant experience.

But don’t worry–you don't have to completely give up your favorite snacks during Invisalign. With the right soft foods and proper care, you can still enjoy delicious meals and stay on track with treatment.

This comprehensive guide details the best soft foods to eat with Invisalign, from smoothies to scrambled eggs. You’ll also learn why orthodontists recommend soft foods, get tips for keeping your clear aligners clean, and discover how Movemints can enhance your Invisalign journey.

Why Soft Foods Are Recommended with Invisalign

Chewing hard foods with Invisalign aligners in place can crack or warp the aligners, compromising their ability to shift teeth effectively. It can also be painful to chew hard or crunchy foods with plastic pressed firmly over the teeth, and this is why you need to remove them to eat and drink.

Because the aligners fit snugly over the teeth, it is recommended to stick to soft foods that are unlikely to dislodge or damage them.

Hard, crunchy, and sticky foods can be problematic. Sticky foods like caramel or gum can get stuck in the Invisalign trays and be challenging to remove.

Food debris left in the trays can also lead to bacterial growth that causes bad breath, tooth decay, and other oral health issues.

For the most comfortable Invisalign experience and best results, orthodontists recommend enjoying soft foods that are easy to chew and swallow.

No one eats with their aligners on, especially apples... Please re-write this in a way that says not to do that. Maybe switch it to say that the teeth may be a bit loose and to avoid that.

7 Best Soft Foods to Enjoy While Wearing Invisalign

An image of a person putting in new aligners after eating soft foods.

1. Smoothies

Smoothies won't damage aligners. Blending fruits, veggies, milk, and other delicious ingredients makes a drinkable meal. Smoothies provide nutrients without chewing.

2. Soft Fruits like Bananas and Berries

Ripe bananas, berries, and seedless grapes are soft enough for Invisalign. They provide fiber and vitamins without damaging aligners or choking risk.

3. Yogurt

The creamy texture of yogurt won't harm aligners or require chewing. Greek yogurt is nutritious and flavorful, as well. Avoid excess sugar, or choose zero-sugar yogurts.

4. Soups

Broths and pureed soups can be enjoyed while wearing aligners. Avoid chunks that require chewing.

5. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are smooth, creamy, and satisfying for Invisalign wearers. Buy pre-packaged or make your own.

6. Eggs

Eggs, cooked any way you like them, are perfect for Invisalign. Adding soft ingredients, such as cheese, will make them even better testing. Also, the protein in eggs makes them satisfying and will keep you full.

7. Pasta

Boiled pasta is excellent for Invisalign. Smooth sauces with soft, cooked vegetables can be used to make a variety of Invisalign-friendly recipes. Always rinse away stray sauce before wearing your aligners.

How Movemints Can Help With Your Invisalign Journey

Image showing three different flavors of Movemints that you can include in your bundle.

After enjoying your favorite snacks, Movemints can play an important role in Invisalign treatment by helping seat aligner trays properly and providing long-lasting fresh breath. The patented grooves in Movemints fit conveniently between the top and bottom trays, allowing you to fully seat aligners properly after inserting a new set.

These xylitol mints also keep your breath fresh for hours, giving patients the confidence to talk, smile, and go about their day with Invisalign. Choose from various mint flavors and build our own bundle to save an additional 15% and also select Invisalign accessories to keep your aligners clean.

Invisalign and Food FAQ

Can I eat hard foods with Invisalign?

It's not recommended. Hard or sticky foods could damage aligners or get stuck in trays, compromising treatment. For best results, stick to soft foods you can swallow without chewing.

Is it necessary to remove Invisalign while eating?

Yes, remove aligners before eating or drinking anything besides cool water. This helps prevent food particles from becoming stuck, which can lead to dental problems. In addition, it allows you to brush and floss after meals.

How do I clean my Invisalign after eating?

Rinse aligners after eating, then soak and gently scrub with a designated cleaner (avoid toothpaste). Rinse thoroughly. Brush and floss your teeth well before reinserting the trays. Proper cleaning prevents stains, odors, and dental problems.

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