Five Cute Retainer Cases to Keep Clear Aligners Safe & Clean

Five Cute Retainer Cases to Keep Clear Aligners Safe & Clean

Clear aligner therapy is an excellent alternative to metal braces. But while they offer significant convenience, clear aligners aren’t without their own headaches. For instance, the ability to remove trays while eating and drinking is great, but if they aren’t in your mouth, where are they? We’ve all heard stories of lost trays, digging through trash cans to retrieve an accidental disposal, and even having them chewed up by their beloved pets. Yes, that definitely happens!

Nobody wants to deal with those headaches during the smile journey, so the common Invisalign retainer case becomes an important accessory for clear aligner patients. A sturdy case to store your invisible braces will keep them clean, safe, and sanitized. But most importantly, it will keep your trays right where you need them when it’s time to reinsert.

Woman holding a package of Movemints clear aligner mints for Invisalign with overlay text offering 15% off a purchase

While most providers will give you a retainer case with your first set of trays, many patients are looking for more fashionable options to keep in their purse, office or wherever the smile journey takes them. If that includes you, you'll love these cute retainer cases that offer a perfect blend of style, fun and functionality. 

Who says orthodontic treatment can’t be fashionable?

1) Quist Dental

Quist Dental claims to offer the best retainer case in the world, and we’re inclined to believe them. Their distinctive marbled design features three ventilation holes to keep bacteria from growing inside the case (and onto your invisible aligners). And because the ventilation holes are hidden behind the hinge, it “helps prevent spills from entering” the case, according to the company’s website. Perfect if you’re a mom looking for a sealed case to toss in the diaper bag, or workout enthusiast looking for a case for your gym bag. Here are three of our favorite colors, but there are plenty more to choose from on their website!

Quist dental makes cute retainer cases for clear aligner patients

In addition to making great cases, Quist takes customer service seriously. The company offers free shipping when you buy two or more cases (all modestly priced in the $8-12 range), an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, and same day shipping when you order before 4pm eastern. 

2) DentaKit

DentaKit is a family business started in 2001 to helps patients find helpful and innovative products to make their orthodontic treatment easier and more comfortable. They have an entire page dedicated to cool and stylish retainer cases, from hard cases and soft cases to ones that clip to other bags. And don't miss the glow in the dark retainer case; perfect for your nightstand or camping bag!

DentaKit offers a great selection of cool and stylish retainer cases for orthodontic patients

They’ve even got a specially designed “No Brainer Retainer Maintainer”. It's a resealable bag perfect for your purse or pocket and available in a pinch. Use it once or a few times, the difference maker here is each retainer baggie is printed with a logo identifying these bags as NOT TRASH and warning against throwing away. Anyone would think twice about disposing, which is perfect if you're inclined to leave your aligners on restaurant tables or other places where service personnel might be working. Available in sets of 100 for $8.00, these little baggies really are a no brainer.

The No Brainer Retainer Saver is a reusable bag printed with a warning not to dispose of the clear aligners inside!

DentaKit is a great resource for all your clear aligner accessories. Check out their full online catalog!

3) Etsy

Looking for something more personal? TheSweetestPieces is a shop on online craft store Etsy and they’ll personalize a colorful retainer case with your name and a logo of your choice. These are great for teens and students who want to keep their cases distinguished from their peers, and are fairly priced at $8.50 each.

TheSweetestPieces is an online Etsy store that will make a personalized retainer case for your clear aligners

You can also purchase a range of cosmetic bags that make for perfect storage of all your clear aligner accessories. Whether you are male or female you can have your cases personalized to your liking for less than $20 dollars. Etsy is awesome!

4) Zumoe

Got a teen doing Invisalign and worried about them getting their clear aligners lost or mixed up with all the accessories a kid carries with them throughout the day? Clip their cases onto backpacks, lunch boxes, or gym bags with the handy carabiner and write on the ID tag with personal information (because you know not everything that leaves the house always comes home). You'll love the functionality and the flair of these retainer cases from Zumoe

Zumoe makes cute retainer cases that clip to other bags and are perfect for your invisalign teen


They'll even do custom jobs for larger orders from schools, businesses, and sports teams - contact them for more details. Learn more at Zumoe.

5) Retainer Saver

While it’s not out yet, the Retainer Saver is a product we saw at this year’s AAO 2018 conference in Washington, DC. It’s a clever concept: a magnetic retainer case that attaches to your smartphone so you never have to worry about leaving home without a retainer case!

Retainer Saver is a case that attaches to your smartphone

Follow Retainer Saver's Facebook page for information about when it will be available for sale and be the first person in your circle to show off this innovative retainer case for invisible braces.

No matter what your style or preference, it's crucial to have a few retainer cases on hand for the smile journey. Keep them in your purse, your backpack, your car and your bedside table and you'll always have a safe, sanitary, and clean place to store you clear aligner trays when you take them out. (And while you're at it, check out OrthoKey, our favorite aligner removal tool. It's compact design fits right inside your retainer case for easy and convenient aligner removal).

 Movemints are the Mint that Fits your Clear Aligners! Check out the only edible alternative to chewie foam.

Got an item or retainer case you can't live without? Share it with us in the comments and we'll feature it in an upcoming article! And for more clear aligner accessories that will make your smile journey easier, check out our blog, Six Must Have Accessories for Clear Aligner Patients.

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