Five Cute Retainer Cases to Keep Clear Aligners Safe & Clean

Five Cute Retainer Cases to Keep Clear Aligners Safe & Clean

Clear aligners are an excellent alternative to metal braces that offer convenience, discretion, and flexibility, but when you take them out to eat or drink it helps to have a cute retainer case to store them safely. We’ve heard stories of digging through trash cans to retrieve lost trays and even dogs eating aligners. Yes, it happens!

Losing an aligner can be an expensive mistake, so you'll want a good retainer case or three to accompany your smile journey. Yes, the common Invisalign retainer case is quite an important accessory for clear aligner patients, necessary for keeping them clean, safe & sanitized. Most providers will give you one with treatment, but there are plenty of cool and cute retainer cases on the market today.

We put in the time to research the market and present to you these Invisalign retainer cases that blend style, fun and functionality. Who says orthodontic treatment can’t be fashionable?

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1) Retainer Cases from Quist Dental

Quist Dental claims to offer the best retainer case in the world. Maybe it's the distinctive marbled design or the three ventilation holes to keep bacteria from growing inside the case. Or maybe it's because the ventilation holes are hidden behind the hinge to prevent foreign liquid from leaking into the case. Sounds perfect for a mom who wants an extra case in her diaper bag, or the workout enthusiast looking for a gym bag case. We must admit, the colors are pretty rad, and there are plenty to choose from on their website!

Quist dental makes cute retainer cases for clear aligner patients

In addition to making great cases, Quist takes customer service seriously. The company offers free shipping when you buy two or more cases (all modestly priced in the $8-12 range), an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, and same day shipping when you order before 4pm eastern. 

2) DentaKit Invisalign Cases

DentaKit is a family business that helps patients and providers find innovative products to make their orthodontic treatment easier and more comfortable. They have an entire page dedicated to cool and stylish retainer cases, from hard cases and soft cases to ones that clip to other bags. And don't miss the glow in the dark retainer case; perfect for your nightstand or camping bag!

They’ve even got a specially designed “No Brainer Retainer Maintainer”. It's a resealable bag perfect for your purse or pocket and available in a pinch. Use it once or a few times, the difference maker here is each retainer baggie is printed with a logo identifying these bags as NOT TRASH and warning against throwing away. Anyone would think twice about disposing, which is perfect if you're inclined to leave your aligners on restaurant tables or other places where service personnel might be working. Available in sets of 100 for $8.00, these little baggies really are a no brainer.

3) Completely Unique Invisiline Cases

Looking for something more personal? Etsy is a pretty good place to find something unique and custom. For instance, TheSweetestPieces is an Etsy artist that will personalize a colorful retainer case with your name and a logo of your choice. These are great for teens and students who want to keep their cases distinguished from their peers, and are fairly priced at $8.50 each.

The Retainer Buddy is a unique Invisiline case for holding your retainers off surfaces

And here's another amazingly unique holder for your Invisalign: Retainer Buddy®. These aren't exactly cases that you can use in your bag, but they are definitely cute and certainly functional so we're going to include them! These retainer holders are made for your bathroom, offering a convenient and sturdy place to keep your retainers on high ground and safe from bathroom or household surfaces. They are super fun!

4) Cute and Functional Invisalign Retainer Cases

If you have an Invisalign teen, you're probably worried about them losing their retainers, or getting them mixed up with all the other stuff they carry around on the daily. That's why these clips from Zumoe make the list: they all come with a handy carabiner to clip them onto backpacks, lunchboxes or gym bags and an ID tag for writing contact information (because you know not everything that leaves the house always comes home). Your kids will love the functionality and the flair of these retainer cases from Zumoe, and they can even do custom cases for schools, businesses and sports teams

Zumoe makes cute retainer cases that clip to other bags and are perfect for your invisalign teen

For a more adult functionality, check out the Capsule Retainer Case, designed to hold all types of clear aligners as well as a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. We talk often in our blogs about how important hygiene is for Invisalign treatment, and there is no better hygiene practice than to brush your teeth every time before you reinsert your trays. That's not always easy to do, but the Capsule Retainer Case provides the reminder you need by storing the toothbrush and paste right next to your aligners.

Capsule Retainer Case holds Invisalign retainers and a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste

With a sleek design ideal for travel and on-the-go lifestyles, the Capsule Retainer Case is comparably priced to less functional designs and worth a look for any clear aligner patient.

5) The Smart Retainer Case: nCase™ Smartcase + App

If you're looking for the most technologically advanced Invisalign retainer case on the market, look no further. The makers of the nCase Smartcase™ have put the latest technology into a clear aligner case, then they paired it with a highly customized mobile app to make for a treatment experience like nothing before. 

This innovation tracks your clear aligner usage throughout the day while providing helpful reminders through the smartphone app. There's a lot to like about this particular retainer case, and considering the investment you're making in the clear aligners themselves, maybe you should have the latest tech available for your retainer case as well. Check it out on Amazon.

No matter what your style or preference, it's crucial to have a few retainer cases on hand for the smile journey. Keep them in your purse, your backpack, your car and your bedside table and you'll always have a safe, sanitary, and clean place to store you clear aligner trays when you take them out.

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