Six Must Have Accessories for your Invisalign Kit

Six Must Have Accessories for your Invisalign Kit

Millions of people around the world have discovered clear aligners, an alternative to straightening teeth without metal braces. The convenience of removable retainers gives patients the flexibility to achieve their ideal smile without the pain and discomfort of fixed orthodontics.

But Invisalign treatment is not without tribulation, so many patients rely on accessories to improve the experience of their smile journey. In this blog, we will describe our six favorite items that every patient should include in their Invisalign kit.

  1. Extra retainer cases
  2. Movemints
  3. OrthoKey
  4. Soluria Smile Saver
  5. Knotty Floss Whitening Pens
  6. Knotty Floss Picks
A flat shot of the Invisalign accessories offered in our favorite starter kit.

Extra Retainer Cases

With Invisalign, you’ll have the ability to take your trays out for meals and the occasional snack. Just make sure you hit that magic wear time number of 22 hours per day! But to avoid the costly mistake of losing your trays, we recommend you acquire a few extra cases so you’ll always have a place to keep them safe and clean.

While you’ll probably get a case or two from your orthodontist or provider, you’ll want extras for your kit and other key spots like your desk or nightstand. For our starter box, we chose this functional case with an embedded mirror, perfect for your on the go bag.

Two round retainer cases, one with a white lid and black tray and one with a black lid and white tray

Movemints Clear Aligner Mints

Clear aligners work by moving your teeth into new positions using orthodontic force. But they only work if they fit correctly. For years, orthodontists only had one seating aid to give their patients: foam chewies. Chewies work, but they aren’t convenient for patients on the go, and if they aren’t cleaned regularly they can become ridden with bacteria and downright funky.

One bag of Movemints clear aligner mints (20 count), one blue OrthoKey and three loose mints showing the mint's patented grooves

So leave your chewies in the medicine cabinet and stock up on Movemints, our sugar free mint with a patented groove that fits comfortably between the trays. Movemints are firm enough to withstand gentle chewing exercises and their great taste freshens breath and fights dry mouth. This triple threat is a definite inclusion in our Invisalign favorites box!

OrthoKey Clear Aligner Removal Tool

Removing your trays may seem like a simple task, but beware: improperly removing your trays can warp them, rendering them less effective for orthodontic tooth movement. Finger-fishing around in your mouth is also a hazard to your health. Not only are you introducing germs into your mouth, if your hand slips you can easily cut your cheeks or gums with a stray fingernail.

That’s why we’re including OrthoKey, a handy tool that makes removing clear aligners a breeze. The unique, ergonomic design of OrthoKey fits nicely in your aligner case so you never have to worry about damaging your trays when removing them by hand. You'll get three of them in our starter box to slot into your retainer cases.

Three blue OrthoKey, the clear aligner removal tool with an ergonomic shape and the hooked edge for easily removing trays

Soluria Smile Saver

This wonder-solution is a safe, fast-acting cleansing agent you can spray on your clear aligners. Unlike other spray on solutions, Soluria uses a peroxide-free, sugar-free, and alcohol-free formula you can use on-the-go, without needing to rinse the trays or spit out any unpleasant aftertastes.

Soluria Smile Saver gets to work fast, eliminating bacteria in just 60 seconds for clean, odor free aligners. This is absolutely an item every patient needs in their Invisalign kit to stay fresh and clean wherever their smile journey takes them.

Knotty Floss Picks

You already know you should be flossing your teeth, but it’s even more crucial during Invisalign treatment. Flossing is important to remove the food between your teeth, which is something you must do before you put your trays back on. You don’t want food particles festering in your teeth under a clear aligner bio dome.

We know string floss can be a little inconvenient for people on the go, so we included these handy floss picks from Knotty Floss. They’ll remove all those food particles in a snap, and their floss is infused with grapefruit seed extract to deliver bacteria fighting properties directly to the bugs that cause gingivitis. Plus they’re made from cornstarch so they won’t clog up landfills long after you finish treatment!

Knotty Floss Whitening Pens

A teeth whitening pen and biodegradable, black floss picks from the fine folks at Knotty Floss

Wearing clear aligners for 22 hours a day is going to straighten your teeth, but they may be less white at the end of treatment. Even the most diligent teeth brushing can’t always combat the natural discoloration that may occur over months of wearing retainers.

To keep your teeth looking pearly white throughout your treatment, use a whitening pen to eliminate stains. We chose these pens from Knotty Floss because they are simple to apply and most importantly, they work!

Now that we’ve described our six favorite accessories, you can start shopping across the web to order them. Or, you can take advantage of our meticulously curated Invisalign kit and save time and effort with one-stop-shopping! Plus, you’ll save a lot of cash. Buying all these accessories individually could cost you over $100 after shipping and handling, but with our kit you’ll get them delivered in one box, straight to your door, for just $69.95.

This Invisalign kit from Movemints has a spray for clear aligners, a whitening pen for teeth, biodegradable floss picks for on the go hygiene, OrthoKey pull tool and Movemints clear aligner mints.

Convenience and savings? Yes please! Order your Invisalign starter kit today and enjoy the most comfortable journey to your ideal smile.


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