Holiday Survival Guide: Tips for Clear Aligner Patients

Holiday Survival Guide: Tips for Clear Aligner Patients

As you may have heard, we officially declared Thanksgiving to be National Invisalign Cheat Day! A day when you can take a break from the discipline and sacrifice normally required of Invisalign treatment to eat, drink, and be thankful. But that doesn't mean you should totally ignore your treatment. We've got four tips to help you cheat responsibly (whether it's Thanksgiving or any holiday party) while staying (relatively) on track!

  1. Establish Cheating Windows
  2. Drink Responsibly (and Clearly)
  3. Plan Ahead for Proper Cleaning
  4. Make Sure Your Kit is Stocked

Advertisement for an Invisalign accessories kit featuring Movemints clear aligner mints, Orthokey aligner removal tool, retainer case, floss picks, whitening pen, and Soluria Smile Saver spray

Establish Cheating Windows

Thanksgiving is a day for eating and drinking til your heart's content. With just a little planning, you can keep the guilt to a minimum by designating certain periods during the day where you can remove your trays and feast with abandon.

We recommend using an app like TrayMinder to set a reminder for when it's time to put your trays back in (and then throughout the year to track wear time and tray change days). OrthoKey is a great way to quickly remove your trays without a hassle, thereby maximizing your cheating window.

And make sure you've got a good retainer case for storing your aligners. Today is not the day to wrap them up in a napkin and hope the house busy body doesn't mistake your makeshift solution for garbage! Our Ultimate Invisalign Accessories Kit has a retainer case with a built in mirror, perfect for navigating a day of cheating.

Drink Responsibly (and Clearly)

We're not going to tell you NOT to cut loose, but we would like to remind you that getting your drink on with your trays in does have consequences. So on National Invisalign Cheat Day, here's some solid advice: white wine and clear liquors are the best as they won't stain your trays, and you must pay some extra attention to your mouth.

You don't want the sugar from your booze living rent free inside your trays. Sneak off to the bathroom after every glass to rinse your mouth and give your trays a spritz of Soluria SmileSaver, which cleans and disinfects your aligners in 60 seconds with no peroxide.

Soluria SmileSaver is a peroxide-free spray that cleans and disinfects your Invisalign clear aligners

Plan Ahead for Proper Cleaning

Since it's cheat day and you've been living on the wild side, prepare to give your trays a thorough cleaning before bed. Use tablets like Retainer Brite for a thorough soaking cleanse, and follow the advice in our blog, Six Tips for Clean & Clear Aligners, which has some great tips for erasing a day's worth of throwing caution to the wind.

It's also a good idea to amp up the hygiene on National Invisalign Cheat Day. Try to floss an extra time or two (the biodegradable floss picks from Knotty Floss, included in our Ultimate Invisalign Accessories Kit, are a lifesaver here) and if you're so inclined, a whitening pen application before bed can help keep those pearly whites pearly for any Black Friday shopping that might await you in the morning.

Make Sure Your Kit is Stocked

22 hours of wear time is not in the cards today, so you need all the tricks of the trade to make your wear time count. The best way to do this is to ensure that your trays are seated properly each time you reinsert. You can use chewies when you're in the bathroom, but make sure you have some Movemints in your kit so you can wear your trays with confidence.

The patented groove makes for a convenient fit, and the sugar-free formulation (including a therapeutic dose of xylitol) means you won't be cheating when it comes to freshening breath and fighting dry mouth.

You can get all of the accessories we've described in this email in one convenient delivery with our Accessories Kit. And as an early celebration of next week's festivities, you can get it for $10 off for a limited time! Order before Saturday and it will arrive in time for Turkey Day.

The Movemints Invisalign Accessories Kit features six must have products for your best clear aligner treatment

The kit includes:

  • 7 Bags of Movemints
  • 3 OrthoKey
  • Soluria Smile Saver Spray
  • 30 Knotty Floss Biodegradable Picks
  • Brush On Whitening Pen
  • Extra Retainer Case w/ Mirror

Hopefully these tips will help you have the best Holiday season you can have, without sacrificing any of the progress you've made throughout your treatment journey. We are thankful for all of the members of our Movemints community, from the patients who use our products to stay fresh and clean to the Orthodontists and Providers who trust us enough to share our "daily dose" samples with their patients.

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for being a part of the Movemint!

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