Movemints Press Kit

Movemints are the only mint that fits clear aligners and invisalign braces

The Movemints Story

For decades, there has only been one commercially available option for clear aligner patients to seat their trays during treatment: aligner chewies. Just like his colleagues, Dr. David Pechersky grew tired of giving his patients chewie foam. Being resourceful, he fashioned disposable toothbrushes, surgical suction tips, kid’s candy and other repurposed dental supplies into all shapes and sizes in his lab and home office.

After years of sculpting and perfecting, Movemints were finally ready to share with patients. The company launched its eCommerce store in the summer of 2017 and customers quickly fell for the unique design and utility of the only mint that fit their clear aligners.  

Movemints clear aligner mints are sugar free and sweetened with xylitol so they are safe to eat with Invisalign braces

Movemints distribution now includes fulfillment by Amazon, where it is available on Prime for next day shipping.  Only a year after it’s launch, The Mint that Fits™ is benefitting patients in countries around the world!

About Movemints

Movemints™ clear aligner mints were created by an orthodontist specifically to help patients with invisible braces enjoy a fresher, more comfortable treatment experience. Movemints provide a safe-for-teeth, great-tasting, simple-to-use alternative to traditional chewie foam or plastic aligner seating items which are currently available. The unique, patented shape of Movemints fits neatly between a patient’s top and bottom trays, offering a hands-free option to discreetly seat aligners when on the go or in public.

One of the least appealing aspects of straightening teeth with invisible braces is the discomfort of wearing plastic trays for 22 hours a day. Many patients experience dry mouth, which contributes to bad breath, leading to insecurity and anxiety about wearing their aligners. Movemints are sugar free and sweetened with xylitol, a naturally occuring substance that helps prevent dry mouth and has beneficial qualities for teeth and gums. Patients may consume Movemints while wearing their trays, making it easier for them to comply with the recommended daily guidelines.

Movemints are available online at, and eligible for Prime delivery through Amazon. Orthodontists and providers who want to offer their patients an alternative to chewie foam may purchase a patient sample box of thirty Movemints samples for inclusion in customer take home bags and other promotions.

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Fast Facts

  1. Movemints, LLC was founded in 2015 by Dr. David Pechersky and Drew Goldstein in Pittsburgh, PA.
  2. Dr. Pechersky patented the unique shape of Movemints after building prototypes in his office.
  3. Movemints are the only edible clear aligner accessory available for patients.
  4. Movemints has expanded to Amazon sales, where the Mint that Fits is eligible for Prime shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create Movemints™?

At Movemints, we want your treatment to be as enjoyable and predictable as possible. Movemints are a hands-free, easy-to-use tool for seating your aligners while enjoying the natural breath-freshening power of mint.


What are the benefits of using Movemints?

Movemints can help you keep your aligners in place without having to chew on plastic.

Movemints help to eliminate the bad breath and dry mouth that will occur during clear aligner therapy.

Movemints provide a substitute to gum chewing, making it easier for patients to reach 22 hours of tray-wear per day. Chewing exercises during orthodontic treatment are thought to generate beneficial blood flow for the teeth, which can reduce discomfort and results in more efficient tooth movement.


Can Movemints hurt my teeth or break my aligners?

No! Movemints are specially designed to be used in between aligners! We recommend applying gentle pressure to each mint so that it will last a long time, providing you with the freshest experience. Additionally, focus on the front teeth, or what is known as the "social-six", which is where you'll find Movemints fit the best!

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is safe for clear aligner patients, with a recommended daily dose of 6-10 grams. It is a naturally occurring sugar substitute that can help prevent dry mouth and is also thought to help prevent tooth decay. Xylitol is very low calorie and also diabetic-friendly. Preventing tooth decay is an important part of maintaining optimal oral health during clear aligner therapy.  Movemints can help, but are not a substitute for proper oral hygiene!

Are Movemints pet-friendly?

No!  Xylitol, the natural sweetener in Movemints, is known to be toxic to dogs -- just like chocolate! We love our pets as much as you do, so please store your Movemints responsibly!


What Customers Are Saying About Movemints

What a game changer! My clear aligner patients love this product.  Not only does it give them more confidence to seat their trays in social settings, those that had problems with compliance in the past seem to want to wear their trays more often!

-Dr. Brendan O’Neill, Lima, OH


These little mints are amazing! They work wonderfully for seating aligners. The taste is great. And I don't pinch my cheeks like I did with chewies. A big bonus is being able to pop a mint in my mouth anytime.

-Gwen P.


I just love Movemints. The taste is nice and they make my aligners seat well.

-Lise S, international customer


LOVE these!! I've been wearing my Invisalign for about a year and these are a game changer. Movemints help secure the aligners properly and freshen your breath at the same time. I can't live without them!

Melody C., Amazon Customer


Anyone straightening their teeth with clear aligners? This product is perfect for getting your trays in position. Sugar free & taste great. A must try. You will LOVE them!

-Deb H.


I received a sample of Movemints to use with my clear aligners. These work great and needless to say, I'll be tossing out those gross little rubber things and replacing them with some Movemints.

-Rob H.


I absolutely love these mints. I can't go a day without mints at work and now I have something I can use with my aligners!

-Bethany H.


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Movemints clear aligner mints are the perfect accessory for the Invisalign clear aligner journey