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Invisalign Tips: How Long Can Dry Mouth Last?

Your Invisalign journey can be a transformative experience, but it's not without its inconveniences.

One thing to watch out for is the pesky side effect of dry mouth.

This common inconvenience leaves many Invisalign patients wondering, "How long can dry mouth last?"

With proper hydration and innovative products like Movemints, it luckily doesn't have to last long. Keep reading to learn more!

Identifying Dry Mouth During Invisalign Treatment

When wearing Invisalign aligners, you may experience dry mouth symptoms, including:

  • A sticky or dry feeling in the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing or speaking
  • Bad breath

This uncomfortable condition is caused by your aligners preventing proper saliva flow in your mouth.

Without sufficient saliva production, bacteria growth may increase, leading to tooth decay and other oral health issues.

The good news is that dry mouth can be managed. Be on the lookout for these symptoms so you can take action.

The Role of Hydration in Managing Dry Mouth

An image of someone pouring water into a glass.

Proper hydration is one way to manage dry mouth during Invisalign treatment.

Regular water intake keeps the mouth moist, helps to wash away food particles and bacteria, and stimulates saliva production, which is vital for maintaining a healthy oral environment. Keeping a water bottle handy can be a useful reminder to hydrate frequently!

6 Practical Tips to Prevent and Alleviate Dry Mouth

To prevent and alleviate dry mouth during Invisalign treatment, consider the following tips:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  2. Avoid Dehydrating Drinks: Steer clear of beverages containing sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, as they can exacerbate dry mouth symptoms.
  3. Stimulate Saliva Production: Chew on Movemints to stimulate saliva production and freshen breath.
  4. Oral Moisturizing Products: Apply alcohol-free oral moisturizing gel or spray for quick relief as needed.
  5. Mind Your Diet: Limit salty, spicy, or acidic foods. Instead, choose foods with a high water content, like fruits and vegetables.
  6. Maintain Aligner Hygiene: Properly clean your aligners to reduce bacteria buildup in the mouth. We recommend Smilesaver Aligner Spray, a convenient way to eliminate the bacteria and odor that accompany dry mouth.
  7. These practices can keep your smile bright by managing and alleviating dry mouth discomfort during your Invisalign treatment!

Movemints: The Sweet Solution for Dry Mouth and Aligner Seating

Image of spearmint flavored Movemints, clear aligner mints used to seat trays (orthodontist recommended).

Movemints are a game-changing product that provides relief for Invisalign dry mouth while helping to seat clear aligners properly.

These innovative clear aligner mints are designed with patented grooves to fit conveniently and comfortably between the top and bottom trays. These mints can help seat aligner trays in place as you bite down.

How Xylitol in Movemints Helps

Movemints are also sweetened with xylitol, which increases the flow of saliva to improve dry mouth and general oral health.

Xylitol has been shown to:

  • Provide relief by promoting saliva flow
  • Prevent bacterial growth
  • Enhance mineral absorption in the teeth for healthier enamel
  • Freshen breath

The best part is that xylitol's natural mint flavor tastes great!

Movemints make the aligner experience more enjoyable, and patients find them to be a better alternative to aligner chewies.

Customizing Your Dry Mouth Relief with Movemints Bundles

Image showing a Movemints bundle for dry mouth relief.

Movemints offers customizable bundle packs, saving you 15% during your quest for a more comfortable smile.

You can build your bundle by selecting your favorite flavors—spearmint, mint chocolate, or orange—and then choose your quantities and add-on accessories.

While you're at it, check out our PULTOOL aligner remover and Smilesaver Alinger cleaning spray.

With bundle packs, you can make sure that you're never out of your favorite Movemints products—while saving money!

Dry Mouth and Invisalign FAQs

How often should I hydrate to alleviate dry mouth symptoms?

To prevent dry mouth during Invisalign treatment, we recommend drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily. Keep a water bottle on hand for frequent sips. Drinking water will help wash away food debris and bacteria, lessening bad breath. If dry mouth persists, use a rinse with alcohol-free mouthwash.

Can certain foods and drinks exacerbate dry mouth?

Yes, foods and drinks with caffeine, alcohol, high sugar, or high salt can worsen dry mouth. The best beverage for dry mouth is plain water. Also, avoid very salty, spicy, or acidic foods.

What are the oral health benefits of xylitol in Movemints?

The xylitol in Movemints prevents bacteria growth, preventing plaque and tooth decay. It also stimulates saliva to moisten the mouth. With antibacterial protection and extra saliva flow, Movemints promote good oral hygiene for Invisalign patients.

How do Movemints help with aligner seating?

Movemints' patented grooves fit conveniently between the top and bottom aligner trays. As you bite down, they apply gentle pressure to seat the trays in place for a comfortable fit.

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