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Understanding Invisalign: How Does It Work?

Invisalign has revolutionized the world of orthodontics. This cutting-edge system utilizes a series of transparent, removable plastic trays to incrementally realign teeth without metal wires and supports.

For those considering straighter teeth, Invisalign offers an effective and discreet solution. In this article, we'll look at exactly how Invisalign works its magic.

What is Invisalign?

Photo showing the Invisalign system.

Invisalign is a modern approach to orthodontic treatment. It uses custom-made, clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and apply pressure to move them into place over time.

Invisalign aligners are transparent, removable, and far more comfortable and convenient than traditional metal braces. These aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to smile confidently during treatment.

How Does Invisalign Work to Straighten Teeth?

Invisalign works by utilizing advanced 3D computer imaging technology to map out a complete treatment plan. Custom-made aligners are produced for your teeth based on these 3D images. Each aligner is precisely calibrated and engineered to apply optimal force on specific teeth.

This gradually shifts them into an ideal position. The Invisalign treatment ensures straight teeth, making patients feel more confident and positive about their appearance.

Benefits of Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Happy person pointing to their pair of Invisalign braces over metal ones.

Invisalign offers key benefits compared to traditional metal braces:

  • Aligners are practically invisible, allowing you to smile confidently during treatment.

  • It can be removed for eating and oral hygiene, making them easier to use and decreasing the chances of developing tooth decay.

  • Smooth plastic is more comfortable and gentle than metal braces.

  • Treatment time is shorter - usually 6-18 months vs 2+ years with braces.

Overall, Invisalign is a more subtle, comfortable, and convenient alternative to braces with clear aligners that are far easier to use.

Understanding the Timeframe: How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

Invisalign works gradually, with results visible within the first few weeks. However, full treatment typically takes between 6-18 months.

  • After a consultation, your dentist or orthodontist assesses if they're suitable for you. It then takes 3-5 weeks to receive the custom aligners.

  • Every 1-2 weeks, you'll switch to the next aligner to incrementally shift your teeth. Total treatment averages 9-18 months but can be as little as 6 months for minor issues.

  • Throughout the treatment, the clear aligners must be worn 20-22 hours a day but can be taken out for oral care or eating.

  • After your last aligner, you may need to wear a retainer full-time for several months.

Movemints: Enhancing Your Invisalign Experience

Patient using Movemints to enhance their Invisalign braces experience.

For Invisalign users looking to optimize results, Movemints offer an innovative solution. These naturally sweetened mints feature patented grooves that securely grip aligners, enhancing fit and promoting better tooth movement with each tray change.

Movemints provide a host of benefits for Invisalign patients:

  • Optimize Seating - The mints firmly seat aligners, driving them over teeth for a precision fit. This maximizes each aligner's effectiveness.

  • Freshen Breath - The great taste naturally freshens breath between brushing and flossing. This boosts confidence while wearing aligners.

  • Fight Dry Mouth - Xylitol helps stimulate saliva flow, preventing dry mouth, a common aligner side effect.

  • Easy to Use - Simply place a Movemint between the top and bottom trays and bite down gently for 60 seconds.

With regular use at each aligner change, Movemints enhance both comfort and results. This orthodontist-designed product is a handy accessory for a faster, fresher Invisalign experience.

Invisalign FAQs

How long do I have to wear Invisalign aligners daily?

To achieve the best outcomes, have your Invisalign trays inserted for 20-22 hours per day. Take them out only when eating, drinking, brushing teeth, or flossing. Tracking wear time with the Invisalign app to ensure you meet the recommended guidelines.

Can I eat while wearing Invisalign aligners?

Remember to remove your aligners prior to consuming food or beverages, excluding water. After eating, remember to brush and floss before putting them back in. Clean your aligners at least twice a day with our Invisalign accessories. Rinse well before popping them back in!

Are there any restrictions on what I can eat or drink with Invisalign?

One perk is you can eat and drink normally without big diet changes. With minor routine adjustments, you can keep your teeth and aligners in good shape. Remember to remove aligners for eating and drinking, clean them promptly, and then reinsert them for the recommended daily hours. Staying consistent prevents issues.

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