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Provider Pack (20 Bags)

Provider Pack (20 Bags)

Movemints Clear Aligner Mints

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Enhance your patients' orthodontic journey while adding a new revenue stream to your practice with Movemints. These mints are designed to ease discomfort, alleviate dry mouth, and freshen breath, ensuring aligners fit snugly. Movemints provide a practical and effective way to support your patients' comfort and aligner adherence.

Are you giving your clear aligner patients the best and freshest experience possible? Not unless you're including Movemints® Clear Aligner Mints as part of their treatment!

Movemints promote optimal compliance and help aligner patients wear their devices with confidence. A patented groove, designed by an orthodontist, fits comfortably between the trays enabling patients to bite down gently to seat them and help them track with teeth.

As the only edible accessory for Invisalign, Movemints are formulated to be safe for aligners and retainers. A therapeutic dose of xylitol freshens breath and fights dry mouth, and our groove helps ensure tighter fitting trays to promote tooth movement and timely, more effective clear aligner treatment.

We encourage practices to provide one bag of Movemints (20 mints per bag) at each aligner checkup. Be sure to demonstrate how they work to help your patients build a consistent routine and enjoy delicious progress throughout their aligner journey.

How To Use 

We encourage practices to provide one bag of Movemints (20 mints per bag) at each aligner checkup. Be sure to demonstrate how they work to help your patients build a consistent routine and enjoy delicious progress throughout their aligner journey. 

Product Details 

Each case provides 20 bags of Movemints (each bag contains 20 mints). 

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over 15 million mints sold worldwide . . . and counting!

“It's a fresher, more convenient way to seat your aligners on the go.”

- Ryan J.

“Their fun shape helps set your aligners and keep your breath minty fresh like toothpaste! Love them!"

- Bridgette M.

“These have helped to seat my aligners when I put a new pair in. I couldn't do it without them. As a bonus, they are great tasting!"

- Dave T.

movemints are compatible with aligners including: