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What to Expect on Your First Day of Invisalign

We’ll walk you through everything your Invisalign first day will have to offer

Starting your Invisalign journey is a big step. So, if this is your first day wearing Invisalign — congratulations! A straighter smile is in your near future. However, there's a few things most people don’t know before they start their aligner journey. To help you prepare, we’re going to discuss what you can expect from your first day wearing clear aligners, share our favorite Invisalign tips, and introduce you to some Invisalign accessories you can use to help you adjust. 

Get the Hang of Speaking with Clear Aligners

Speaking might be more difficult than you think on your first day of Invisalign treatment

young couple having conversation in living roomTrouble enunciating is usually the first thing you’ll notice, but it is also the first to subside.

When you begin your Invisalign first day, you’ll definitely notice some changes in your speech. This is completely normal, and you’ll eventually get the hang of speaking with your aligners. However, the first day is usually the most difficult. At the beginning of your treatment, your speech pattern will be slightly altered and you have to work a bit harder to properly enunciate. While you’ll notice this more than other people, it can get annoying until you get the hang of speaking with aligners. Some may have a harder time than others, but the difference in speech pattern is not a permanent feature of wearing clear aligners.

It’s Likely That You’ll Experience Some Initial Discomfort

Your Invisalign first day is the most difficult adjustment in your treatment 

movemints promotional pictureDiscomfort means that your teeth are moving.

One of the most common questions patients have when they start treatment is does Invisalign hurt, and the answer is unfortunately yes. Invisalign works by forcibly moving your teeth into alignment, and this can cause considerable discomfort especially on the first few days of your treatment. 

One of the best ways you can find relief from Invisalign pain is making sure to seat your trays every time you put them in. Your provider may have given you a small piece of rubber foam to bite on until you hear your aligners “click” into their intended place. These devices are effective, but they require regular cleaning and maintenance. That’s why we created Movemints™, an alternative to Invisalign chewies that freshen breath and fight dry mouth while also seating your aligners. Movemints are a xylitol candy designed by an orthodontist with a patented groove that fits conveniently between your trays. Whenever you reinsert, just pop in one of our mints, bite down gently until your aligners click into place, and then enjoy the breath freshening power of mint!Poster

You May Need Some Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic wax helps get rid of any gum irritation or sharp aligner edges

woman sitting on couch with mild toothacheOrthodontic wax is a great way to dull pain.

Many people experience discomfort from Invisalign sharp edges cutting their tongue, one of the primary causes of Invisalign pain. That’s why before your first day of Invisalign you should ask your dentist about dental wax. Orthodontic wax helps dull the sharp edges of your aligners so you aren’t experiencing any pain. To use wax for Invisalign, simply rub a little bit of the wax on the affected area and you’ll be good to go!

You Need to Take Extra Care of Your Teeth and Aligners

Proper hygiene is essential so you can get the orthodontic results you desire

woman sitting on couch with mild toothacheAlways carry some dental cleaning supplies on you.

Everyone knows that taking care of your teeth is important. But, even if you take excellent care of your teeth, you’ll have to step it up while wearing clear aligners. When you wear aligners, your teeth and gums are more at risk of bacteria and plaque buildup collecting underneath your aligners. That’s why, at minimum, you should brush and floss your teeth after each meal.

It is also recommended that you clean your aligner after each use and place it safely in its case. If you need to clean your aligners while on the go, try the convenient, fast-acting aligner cleaner from Smilesaver™ offered in our line of clear aligner accessories. Just a few sprays on your aligners will keep them fresh and clean and eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria.

If you don’t take proper care of your teeth or learn how to clean Invisalign trays properly, you could be susceptible to tooth decay and teeth yellowing during treatment.

Don’t Forget to Replace Your Aligners After a Meal

If you aren’t used to wearing aligners, it is easy to get off track by forgetting to put them back in

young woman replacing clear alignersTake your aligners with you wherever you go.

When it’s your first day wearing Invisalign, it will probably take a little bit of time to get used to your new routine. The most important thing you need to remember when wearing aligners is to replace them after every meal. When it’s your first day, this will be hard to remember. Even  though it is difficult to remember, it is an essential part of wearing aligners. For your aligners to properly move your teeth back into position, you need to wear them for 22+ hours per day. If you forget to replace your aligners regularly, it will set you back in your treatment.

Your Invisalign first day is likely to be a bit of a learning curve. But, once you get the hang of it these habits become automatic. By following our tips, you’ll be able to take excellent care of your teeth and aligners. For more Invisalign tips and tricks, check out our Movemints blog to answer every question you have about straightening your teeth with clear aligners!
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