Five Tips for Clear Aligner Comfort

My patients tell me every day how much they love their aligners. They know they are on the journey to the smile they always wanted, and are surprised at just how discreet and comfortable their treatment can be.

I believe patients should ENJOY the smile journey, and it is definitely possible! Here are my 5 tips for clear aligner comfort: 

1. Colgate Peroxyl -- Tongue irritation is an unexpected nuisance for most people when they first start their clear aligner treatment. Your tongue is very active during speech and not always appreciative of its new surroundings! Swishing with Colgate Peroxyl 2-3 times a day will condition your tongue for the 22 hours of daily wear ahead. 

2. Removal: Think Inside-out -- For beginners, getting trays off can be a challenge. It seems simple enough to just pull them off from the outside, but this isn’t always the most pleasant or easiest way. The outer trays are contoured, which means they can poke right under your fingernail if you aren’t careful. When using your fingers, give the inside a try. And if you need some extra help. try the OrthoKey removal tool, which fits right inside your retainer case. 

3. Keep them clean -- This one is simple. Every so often, soak your trays in a Listerine-type mouthwash for just 2 or 3 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how fresh your aligners feel! Bonus tip: Pump some EverSmille White Foam into your trays once or twice a day to clean and whiten your teeth.

4. SuperStay lipstick -- Ladies, this tip comes from my amazing staff. Lipstick apparently will get on your aligners, but Maybelline’s SuperStay variety will not. Give it a try if you’ve ever experienced lipstick-on-teeth. Just be sure to let it dry!

5. Chew, chew, chew -- Biting exercises are critical to achieving excellent results. I tell all my patients to chew for multiple minutes at a time, multiple times per day, EVERY day! And not just the first time you put in a new tray. Chewing exercises will reduce discomfort by generating blood flow. Chewies have been around forever. Movemints are a great alternative, especially when you're in public. They also freshen your breath while protecting teeth… what more could you ask for?

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