Are Invisalign Chewies Actually Effective?

Are Invisalign Chewies Actually Effective?

Invisalign is an incredibly effective method for straightening your teeth, but some patients have trouble with tracking their aligners when the trays don't fit properly on their teeth. That's why many orthodontist's recommend gently biting on Invisalign chewies to eliminate gaps and spaces. 

However, people are skeptical about their benefits, and with good reason. Chewies are made of inedible foam and aren't convenient to use on the go, nor do they taste very good. But are Invisalign chewies actually effective, and are there any alternatives that patients can use instead? Read on to learn everything you need to know about chewies for Invisalign.

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What Are Invisalign Chewies?

A brief overview of these curious accessories

Woman holding an Invisalign chewie between her clear aligners

Invisalign chewies are basically small objects that you chew on to make your aligner fit your teeth better. They are typically made of a soft, plastic-like material. Chewies can come in a number of different colors, such as green, pink, white, or purple. Some are also scented, which makes them a bit more pleasant to chew than the plain styrofoam alternatives. Because of their small size, you can easily store them in your Invisalign case.  

How Do Invisalign Chewies Work? 

Using them is pretty simple. Place a chewie between your teeth and bite down gently for about 20 seconds. Then, move it around your mouth and continue to bite gently wherever you see gaps or spaces. We recommend doing this process a second time once you are finished with the first round. To get the most out of your Invisalign chewies, you should use them twice a day. 

Types of Invisalign Chewies & Proper Care

Invisalign chewies are cost around $1.50 and easy to find. They are typically shaped like a cylinder and can be re-used multiple times with proper care and cleaning. After using them, you should wash them with water and mild soap. Aligner chewies typically last for about several sessions before they lose their elasticity and accumulate bacteria which makes them smell and taste downright funky. Taking care of them is crucial for getting as many uses out of them as you can.

Alternatives to Invisalign Chewies

Brands like Movemints offer added benefits for Invisalign wearers

Because Invisalign offers the promise of straighter teeth without the aesthetic displeasures of traditional metal braces, many patients don't like the idea of chewing on plastic foam during treatment. But because chewing exercises are essential for treatment outcomes, our founder, an orthodontist specializing in Invisalign, set out to create a better Invisalign chewies alternative.

The result of his efforts introduced Movemints® Clear Aligner Mints to the world in 2016. Movemints are similar to Invisalign chewies, but they are edible, sugar-free, and safe for aligners. Regular Invisalign chewies are not meant for consumption, but because Movemints have a therapeutic dose of beneficial xylitol, you can enjoy them while wearing your clear aligners. Not only will they help you seat your trays, they are great at reducing Invisalign dry mouth and bad breath! 

Pouring Movemints clear aligner mints into hand

Compared to regular Invisalign chewies, Movemints offer more bang for your buck. While some brands do offer scented chewies, they do not offer the added oral benefit that our sugar-free mints provide. Once you’re finished chewing, you don’t have to worry about any sticky residue leftover, or cleaning out the chewie and storing it safely until next time. This makes Movemints the perfect on the go Invisalign accessory for your smile journey!

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So, Do Invisalign Chewies Actually Work?

The short answer is yes. Chewing exercises do stimulate tooth movement and ensure a proper fit for your clear retainers. They also promote beneficial blood flow to the teeth and gums which can help patients experience Invisalign pain relief.

In order to get the most out of your Invisalign treatment, orthodontist's recommend chewing exercises at least twice a day for about five to ten minutes to ensure they are seated correctly. If your aligners aren't tracking, it can delay results and even lead to a need for Invisalign refinements

Other Invisalign Accessories You Can Try

Consider trying these accessories in addition to Invisalign chewies

It never hurts to add some extra Invisalign accessories to your dental kit. After all, your Invisalign journey won’t always be seamless and clear-cut. Because your teeth are being adjusted, you might experience some irritation and pain. Check out these other Invisalign accessories that are built to make your smile journey as enjoyable as possible.


Removing clear aligners can be tedious and frustrating, especially if they are tightly fitted to your teeth. With the OrthoKey, you can seamlessly remove your Invisalign. Thanks to its ergonomic intuitive design, you never have to worry about finger fishing your aligners to get them out! At 3 inches, the OrthoKey can easily fit in your retainer case.

Soluria Smile Saver™

Need to give your Invisalign trays a quick and thorough cleaning? Try the Soluria Smilesaver™ Spray! This fast-acting cleaner eliminates up to 60% of bacteria. Unlike other cleaning formulas, you don’t have to rinse your aligner before placing it back into your mouth. Just wait a minute after you finish cleaning them, and you are good to go! 


Now that you understand how important Invisalign chewies are for your treatment, you should have a renewed appreciation for their necessity and functionality. Keep a few in your medicine cabinet for aligner seating before bed and in the morning, but keep some packs of Movemints in your go bag so you can ensure proper seating anywhere the smile journey takes you!

For more Invisalign tips and tricks, check out our Movemints blog to answer every question you have about straightening your teeth with clear aligners!

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